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    Optimize your business processes with proALPHA Financial Accounting: make use of electronic payment transactions, benefit from transparent value flows, and create cash forecasts at the push of a button.

    proALPHA Financial Accounting is fully integrated into the ERP system and offers all functions required to create balance sheets as well as profit and loss statements ─ for any number of companies and in any foreign currency. Since all relevant postings from purchasing, sales, materials management and project management are automatically provided for operational management and ad hoc basis and traced to the source document from the Document Management System. Contract management adds transparency to all contractual relationships.

    Functionality and more

    Detailed information about proALPHA Financial Accounting in this PDF.

    The Highlights of proALPHA Financial Accounting

    • The latest financial data and no duplicate entries thanks to full integration in the system
    • Convenient international consolidation (interface to LucaNet)
    • Powerful analyses and assessments in controlling
    • Compliance with German and international tax laws and regulations
    • Audit-proof archiving according to GoBD
    • Effective receivables management including interface to reporting agencies like Creditreform
    • Integrated financial planning
    proALPHA ERP - Finanzwesen und Controlling

    International Accounting Principles and Consolidation

    proALPHA not only maps the German commercial code and tax laws but also international accounting principles, such as IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and US GAAP (United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Powerful tools are provided for convenient group consolidation, such as multiple consolidation, predefined consolidation tables, and automatic currency conversion.

    Audit-Proof Processes and Archiving

    proALPHA complies with all legal regulations, such as the German GoBD: the generally accepted principles for keeping and storing accounts, records and documents in electronic form and for data access. It ensures audit-proof archiving of all processes in financial accounting and the document management system. Independent auditing companies regularly check and certify that proALPHA complies with all applicable regulations. Companies are therefore well-prepared for audits.

    proALPHA Financial Accounting has more to offer than simple standard functions. It features powerful tools for liquidity management and controlling.

    Convenient Creation of Cash Forecasts

    All documents from sales and purchasing are included in a cash forecast. It takes employees just one click to check the incoming and outgoing payments expected in the next twelve months. This allows effortless planning of cash inflows and outflows.

    Current Analyses at the Push of a Button

    The proALPHA Information System features predefined views for recurring reports. The data can be drilled down to the source document from purchasing or sales. Interactive cockpits offer additional analyses based on complete, up-to-date information. It is no longer necessary to analyze manually created lists.

    proALPHA ERP – All Processes at a Glance