• proALPHA Multisite-Processes

      Seamless Processes Across Software Borders

    The Integration Workbench (INWB) is a central platform which connects different IT systems, machines, sites, and companies. Seamless process chains facilitate the cooperation between divisions, departments, employees, and partners.

    External systems such as applications for warehouse management, shipping and quality assurance can be effortlessly connected to proALPHA thanks to the INWB. The service-oriented architecture (SOA) puts an end to complex interfaces between individual systems.

    Functionality and more

    Detailed information about proALPHA ERP summarized in a PDF file.

    The Highlights of the proALPHA Multisite-Processes

    • Integrated processes across systems, sites, and companies
    • Easy configuration of interfaces
    • Reduced IT workload thanks to standardized connectors, formats, and templates
    • Additional communication layer to protect ERP systems and data
    • Effortless implementation of Industry 4.0 scenarios
    The Highlights of the proALPHA Integration Workbench

    Connector of Systems

    The INWB is a state-of-the-art integration platform. As a connector of systems, it receives information from one application and forwards it to another. To do so, it converts the data into the format of the target system. The INWB closes process gaps and dispenses completely with high-maintenance one-to-one interfaces. The technical foundation for this is provided by an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

    Highly Scalable, Extremely Versatile

    The INWB has been built on standardized technology. It is therefore able to map any scenario. The only thing the systems to be connected require is an interface to exchange data. IT applications, machines, sensors ─ any number of systems can be connected.

    The proALPHA Multisite-Processes helps you unite different systems in one ERP solution.

    Working in the Background

    Your specialists will not even notice that the INWB is there. The IT department greatly benefits from the INWB because its service-oriented architecture (SOA) facilitates the configuration of interfaces. Parameters and templates allow effortless connection of various systems.

    Reliable Processes for Networked Companies

    The INWB not only optimizes existing processes but also makes room for new concepts regarding the cooperation with suppliers or Industry 4.0, for example. Moreover, it ensures lossless information flows between national and international sites. Since none of the connected systems has direct access to the ERP database, IT security is significantly increased.

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