• proALPHA Fixed Asset Management

      Convenient Management of Fixed Assets and Sound Decisions on Investments

    A large number of fixed assets is a typical feature of many companies operating in the manufacturing industry. Accountants therefore rely on up-to-date information on current fixed assets and their development. proALPHA provides workflows to support efficient fixed asset management and ensures compliance with legal regulations.

    Since fixed asset accounting is integrated into the comprehensive ERP solution, master files such as G/L accounts, cost objects, cost centers and projects are readily available. Redundant or inconsistent data are avoided.

    Functionality and more

    Detailed information about proALPHA Fixed Asset Management in this PDF.

    The Highlights of proALPHA Fixed Asset Management

    • Manage and plan fixed assets in compliance with legal regulations
    • Calculate depreciation according to different methods
    • Consistent quantity and value flows thanks to the integration of financial accounting and controlling
    • Solid foundation for investment and disinvestment decisions
    • Powerful Fixed Asset Inventory

    Efficient Processes Thanks to Workflows and Document Management

    Fixed asset management is included in proALPHA Workflow Management. If a predefined event occurs, corresponding information is automatically forwarded, for example, when a machine is acquired and the invoice is posted in financial accounting. Accountants receive an automatic notification and can check the original invoice in the integrated document management system.

    Highly Flexible Depreciation

    proALPHA features all kinds of depreciation methods, be it linear, multilevel or output depreciation. The depreciation base as well as the start and type of depreciation can be freely defined. It is possible to use commercial, fiscal and imputed depreciation in parallel. The corresponding postings are automatically forwarded to financial accounting and cost accounting.

    proALPHA Document Management System

    Original invoices are readily available: proALPHA provides the entire company with access to digital documents.
    proALPHA Fixed Asset Management helps you keep tabs on current fixed assets and their development.

    Powerful Fixed Asset Inventory

    proALPHA ensures compliance with statutory stock-taking by offering predefined count sheets, barcodes, and info programs displaying the results of stock-taking in chronological order. It allows fast and precise stock-taking.

    Indexed Replacement Values

    Future investments are entered as planned assets in proALPHA. Accountants can determine in advance how future acquisitions will affect the balance sheet and depreciation. Imputed depreciation is based on replacement values which are geared to indexes typical of fixed assets. This allows future increases in value to be included in current planning.

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