Josef Neumüller Werkzeugschleiferei GmbH

    Products Communicate with ERP – Thanks to a Cutting-Edge Solution

    With 20 employees and a friendly atmosphere at its headquarters in Bavaria, the grinding expert Neumüller might be pigeonholed as a ponderous family-run business. However, Neumüller is a high-tech company that manufactures drills and cutters of all shapes and sizes and grinds them to customer requirements. One Neumüller's production highlight is the Industry 4.0 application that enables products to communicate with the ERP system.

    Innovative Industry 4.0 Platform

    In Germany, almost 2,000 companies have specialized in grinding technology, small and large ones alike. The challenges they have to face are manifold: be it complex products that have to be delivered on short notice, a vast number of discount scales and surcharges, products manufactured in small quantities or customizations. Neumüller has to also meet all these challenges with the greatest possible efficiency. In cooperation with proALPHA's implementation partner Wolf IT Consulting GmbH, the company established an innovative Industry 4.0 platform. Neumüller has been digitizing its manufacturing and connecting its products with proALPHA ERP for years now. The data matrix code provides the foundation for this. 

    Labeling Tools with the Data Matrix Code

    The data matrix code is a 9-digit ID which is engraved on each tool shank with a laser. After this process, each part permanently bears its ID and can be easily identified. When scanned, the ID is linked to the respective product or drawing number in proALPHA. This creates a paperless, transparent flow of tools that can be efficiently controlled. 


    • Vertical information flow between proALPHA ERP and Neumüller products
    • Completely transparent manufacturing process
    • Efficient claims processing and fast identification of error causes
    • Automatic assignment of customer-specific surcharges and discounts for convenient pricing
    • Significant time-savings
    • Minimum error rate in production and grinding processes
    Josef Neumüller Werkzeugschleiferei GmbH

    Industry: Metal Processing

    Sites: Untergriesbach

    Producs: Milling, drilling and special tools

    Employees: 20

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