You Want to Become a proALPHA Partner?

    You've come to the right place!

    Use this stepping stone for your company's growth and learn more about the possibilities for a successful partnership. The proALPHA Partner Program is for everyone, whether you want to become a freelancer and subcontractor in consulting or project development, an implementation partner for realizing entire implementation and update projects or a sales partner for gaining new projects.

    Your Benefits with the proALPHA Partner Program

    With the partner program, proALPHA offers its partners excellent conditions for a shared company success. You and your company can also benefit from the various advantages offered by the program.


    Training and coaching by the proALPHA Academy


    Projects arranged by proALPHA


    Guaranteed capacity utilization of trained consultants


    Growth and scaling within a strong partner ecosystem

    Select the Program That Suits You

    Sales Partner

    Market the proALPHA ERP and ERP+ products

    Advertise the products from the proALPHA network of solution partners

    Implement entire proALPHA ERP projects for new customers

    Advance the customers and implement update projects

    Provide 1st + 2nd level support in a direct maintenance agreement relationship with customers you have won

    Implementation Partner

    Implement entire proALPHA ERP projects for new customer

    Provide 1st + 2nd level support for customers for which you have implemented proALPHA

    Provide 1st + 2nd level support for selected direct proALPHA customers

    Advance the customers and implement update projects

    Temporary participation in the implementations for direct proALPHA customers

    Service Partner

    Partner as freelancer or subcontractor

    As consulting partner or development partner

    Temporary participation in the implementations for direct proALPHA customers

    The Highlights of the proALPHA Partner Program

    Partners on a Par

    proALPHA partnerships are established with the long-term goal of proALPHA and its partners both benefiting from the continuous market success of the proALPHA ERP solution.

    National and International


    Partnership on the national level
    One Delivery approach for handling projects

    Partnership on an international level
    Organizational unit for handling international requests & projects


    Risk Reduction by proALPHA

    New partners benefit from the flexibility of the proALPHA organization:

    - First projects arranged

    - Guaranteed capacity utilization of trained consultants


    Partner Community



    Partner extranet with exclusive content

    Dedicated partner key account management




    We Guide You on Your Way to Becoming a Successful proALPHA Partner

    The partner process at a glance

    After you get in touch, we get to know each other personally in initial meetings. We exchange information about common interests, markets and potential goals. You can't ask too many questions.

    When we've answered all your questions and convinced you to become our partner, we'll present the contractual conditions and discuss them with you. We value a cooperative elaboration as the contractual agreement is to be the foundation of a long-standing and successful future with proALPHA.

    Let's go! Get to know proALPHA and become a part of our ecosystem.

    In this phase, you familiarize yourself with our solutions and modules and lay the foundation for your successful future with the help of the proALPHA Academy. After they have completed the first training courses, your certified employees can already gain experience in ongoing proALPHA projects and actively contribute their competence and expertise.

    If you have decided on a sales partnership, we'll coordinate and specify the sales activities together in a "sales kick-off".

    The aim is to identify the first potential projects as soon as possible, convince customers of proALPHA ERP and win them over.

    Together with our partners, we want to increase the success and competitive edge of our customers with the implementation of proALPHA ERP.

    You can already take on first projects alone or with the support of experienced proALPHA employees.

    After you have completed the first projects and gained valuable experience, you'll start with the regular operation. As a partner, you increase your customer base step by step. Over time, you'll continue to deepen your knowledge and competences with regard to proALPHA ERP and the ERP+ solution of the company group.

    Nothing can stop you from becoming a top partner.

    Why You Should Become a proALPHA Partner

    Together We Are Stronger:
    More Than Just ERP Software
    Benefit from ERP+ and the solution portfolio that continues to grow with the integrated solutions by the proALPHA group companies.

    Together We Are Innovative:
    On-Premises or Cloud
    Leave it to your customer where they want to use the ERP system. proALPHA offers total flexibility.
    Business_&_Prozesse_20_cmykTogether We Work:
    Partners on a Par
    Decide for yourself whether you want to implement projects alone or together with proALPHA.
    Business_&_Prozesse_6_cmykTogether We Grow: Sustainable Success
    Link the success of your company to the continuous and above-average growth of the proALPHA Group.

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