Application Management Services (AMS)

    Individual consulting, development and administrative services for your ERP system

    The Application Management Services (AMS) by proALPHA provide you with quick, selective and personal support for your daily business. Place all tasks related to your ERP operation for which you don't have internal capacities in the capable hands of our experts. The proALPHA Service Delivery Manager will take care of the coordination for you.

    The full service ERP support (AMS) by proALPHA combines consulting, development, systems technology, and personal support in the form of standardized service processes. You can compile these services in an individual service agreement according to your requirements, for instance, to bridge personnel bottlenecks, train your users in the processes and functions of the ERP system, or outsource some areas or the entire ERP operation. You only have to pay the services you actually use. The minimum contract period is 12 months.

    The highlights to go

    Benefit from the AMS package now:

    • A contact for all questions about proALPHA

    • ERP user training

    • Personal and binding support in your daily business

    • System monitoring, hosting, and interface management

    • A perfectly maintained proALPHA server landscape

    • Predictable costs

    Tailor-made application management

    AMS provides the right solution for every requirement, from user support and active system monitoring through to complete ERP hosting in the cloud. Benefit from efficient ERP users, reduced operating costs, and a clear head for strategic tasks.

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    Sounds too good to be true? But it is.

    Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities with AMS. We know that your processes are as diverse and individual as our solutions.

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