• Replacing numerous isolated solutions with one integrated ERP system
    • Mapping a wide range of products and small lot sizes
    • Transparent and simultaneous planning of material flows and capacities with prioritiesBenefits
    • Delivery times are reduced by approx. a third to three or four weeks
    • Overtime in make-to-order production is reduced to zero, compared to previously 21 hours per employee and month
    • Stock on hand in production and of self-produced parts is reduced by approx. a third
    • Almost all bottlenecks are removed and capacities are optimally utilized„Clear rules for MRP and production

    Relieve Pressure on Production

    For more than 60 years, MAJA has developed, produced and distributed high-quality machines for the food industry. The family business has already mounted more than 90,000 of its long-life plants worldwide and assembles approx. 2,000 new ones each year. Its products range from derinding and membrane skinning machines as well as slicing and portioning systems for the meat processing industry to fish and poultry skinning machines and ice machines for supermarkets, catering services, To efficiently manage its wide range of products, the company decided in 1994 to work with the ERP system proALPHA. Since 2007, proALPHA Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) has boosted the company‘s production processes.


    Industry: Mechanical and Plant Engineering

    Sites: Kehl-Goldscheuer/Germany, Entzheim/France, Omaha/USA

    Producs: Machines for derinding, slicing and skinning, automation systems for the meat processing industry, ice machines

    Revenue: approx. €25m (2015)

    Employees: approx. 200 (2015)

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