MES: A Boost in Efficiency For Your Production Management

    Identify the optimization potential in your production!

    The Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) of the proALPHA Group provide a fresh impetus to your manufacturing processes. They increase machine utilization, reduce machine downtime, optimize cycle and setup time, minimize inventories, and improve your production processes and delivery reliability.

    End-to-end efficiency in the production process

    Our MES solutions combine all the functions you need: order management, finite planning, supplies and material management, human resources, quality management, machine data entry, plant data collection, and performance analysis. This means that you can handle interrelated steps without having to switch modules. Your processes lead the way. MES by the proALPHA Group can be operated intuitively and as a standalone or within proALPHA.

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    Selected highlights of our solutions

    • Your production processes mapped in real time

      Regardless of whether the machine is connected to your ERP system or your employees enter the data manually, all data are recorded and processed in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the MES, you can keep tabs on your production processes in real time.

    • Reliable and efficient processes in procurement, production and shipping

      The manufacturing execution systems provide transparent KPIs and a real-time view of your machines, helping you to further optimize your processes and identify new efficiency potential.

    • MES software in the browser

      Our MES solutions run on all end devices without requiring installation. This keeps you informed about the current status of your production, no matter where you are. More transparency? Almost impossible.

    • Digital cockpit for all planning activities, production Information and statuses

      The production cockpit provides all statuses and data in one place, allowing you to stay on top of your production even at peak times and in case of unplanned events. This ensures you an overview of your production even during high workload periods and unplanned circumstances.

    We have what you need!

    The portfolio of the proALPHA Group features various proven MES solutions:


    Our sales department will be happy to help you make the right choice based on your individual requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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