• proALPHA Document Management System

      Direct Access to All Documents

    Fast and smooth business processes require that relevant documents are made available to all employees concerned as soon as possible. proALPHA's integrated document management system (DMS) helps you achieve this goal. All e-mails, documents, invoices, drawings and other receipts can be assigned to a business transaction via drag and drop and archived with it. Moreover, DMS ensures audit-proof archiving of documents according to German GoBD (generally accepted principles for keeping and storing accounts, records and documents in electronic form and for data access).

    Functionality and more

    Detailed information about proALPHA DMS in this PDF.

    The Highlights of proALPHA Document Management

    • All departments have access to digital documents
    • Documents can be conveniently assigned to a business transaction using drag & drop
    • Integration of Microsoft Office and e-mail systems
    • Audit-proof archiving according to German GoBD
    • Company-wide document search
    • Automated workflows
    proALPHA ERP - DMS

    Efficient Document Management

    The DMS enables users to access all documents and corresponding business transactions from anywhere in the system. As a result, all departments have relevant documents at hand, be it sales, engineering or accounting. This significantly increases the efficiency of processes involving multiple sites. It is also possible to create and edit Microsoft Office documents from within proALPHA.

    Automated Document Processing

    When documents such as scanned receipts, e-mails, supplier invoices and test certificates are entered, they can be directly assigned to a business transaction by means of drag and drop in order to be archived with this business transaction. Defined workflows provide for smooth procedures and reduce process costs to a minimum. Once scanned, the document is automatically sent to the department where it is to be further processed.

    "proALPHA DMS is a powerful tool. It helped us automate and digitize almost all information flows in our company."

    Stefan Meffert, CEO, apra group

    Fast Archiving and Advanced Search Options

    Documents created in proALPHA can be archived automatically by means of COLD (Computer Output on Laserdisk) and barcodes, for example every time they are changed. Documents from Microsoft Office applications or the Windows Explorer can also be archived and assigned. Keywords and full text search are provided to quickly find documents stored in proALPHA.

    Audit-Proof Archiving in Compliance with GoBD Standards

    All versions of a document can be saved and accessed later (server-based versioning) to ensure compliance with audit-proof archiving according to German GoBD. Statutory retention periods can be defined, and the documents can be marked tax-relevant. Not only scanned incoming mail but also documents from external systems can be managed in this way.

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