ERP for Automotive Suppliers

    Satisfied OEMs, Successful Suppliers

    OEMs place high demands on the supply chain of automotive suppliers, be it product quality, cost optimization, call-off orders or just-in-time deliveries. proALPHA ERP helps you integrate your business processes in the workflows of OEMs to fulfill all of their requirements. proALPHA controls all processes of the supply chain and coordinates logistic and commercial workflows between suppliers and OEMs. Both production and logistics are geared to given specifications. This supports you in communicating reliable delivery dates and respecting defined delivery intervals and packaging. Since notifications are immediately sent via workflows when call-off orders come in, you can also ensure delivery capacity.

    Moreover, proALPHA accelerates cycle times: fully automated workflows and online integration of standardized EDI processes promote close cooperation with OEMs and upstream suppliers. The entire supply chain can be controlled by means of an intuitive graphical user interface.

    The highlights of proALPHA ERP for automotive suppliers

    • Comprehensive ERP solution for automotive suppliers
    • Supports industry-specific processes (e.g., releases / finite releases and NLK, BELOM)
    • Supports EDI for EDIFACT, VDA, and Odette

    How proALPHA ERP Meets Automotive Requirements

    OEMs expect a constantly high quality at decreasing prices – be it in terms of product quality, cost optimization, releases (REL) or finite releases (FRI). Since suppliers are expected to meet these requirements, innovation cycles become shorter and deadlines tighter. Companies operating in this industry require efficient workflow management and APS software to be able to respond to short-term changes to quantities or deadlines. Automotive suppliers rely on efficient processes to achieve the cost savings they need in order to be able to withstand the industry-specific pricing pressure by the OEMs.

    proALPHA is not only the provider of an ERP system for automotive but also a process consultant for its customers. As an expert with years of experience in the supplier industry, proALPHA knows the business processes and challenges of automotive suppliers. proALPHA has already improved the business processes of many automotive suppliers with its knowledge of the industry and its technological expertise by mapping proven industry processes with its ERP industry solution. For this purpose, the proALPHA experts analyze the business processes together with their customers and address the specific requirements based on their experience.


    ERP for Automotive: Useful Modules for Automotive Suppliers

    • Infinite Delivery Options

      Your customer places an order, and you deliver just in time and just in sequence, even with the right container and label.

      Learn more about the Sales module

    • Full Traceability

      Lot management provides you with all relevant data and assigns unique IDs to products and materials. This enables you to determine where they come from and where they are used.

      Learn more about the Materials Management module

    • Communication from Anywhere

      Real-time access to all data of your ERP system from anywhere Benefit from the proALPHA mobile solutions and improve the coordination between customers, suppliers, and employees. The web-based solutions enable employees in sales, storage, production, service, department leaders and managing directors to work flexibly from anywhere and with any device. This way, you accelerate your processes and gain more transparency.

      Learn more about the Web Portal module


    • Optimum Utilization

      proALPHA includes all relevant resources in production planning and control, such as employees, materials, and machines. This ensures optimum machine utilization and short delivery times to the benefit of series production as well as make-to-order production of prototypes and tools.

      Learn more about the Production module

    • Keep Tabs on Profits

      Multidimensional income accounting significantly increases transparency, for example in detailed analyses of sales and contribution margins by parts, product groups, business units, and customers. You can see at a glance whether you have earned the profit you budgeted.

      Learn more about the Cost Accounting module

    proALPHA ERP in Use at Eckerle Holding GmbH

    The hidden champion from Ottersweier, Germany has been manufacturing EC modules for the automotive industry since 1968. The company's strong growth and international expansion were decisive factors in their decision to implement proALPHA as the central ERP system in 2002. The benefits of the ERP industry solution became quickly apparent. As all business processes are now mapped in proALPHA, internal and cross-company operations have been largely automated, which significantly reduced error rates and accelerated processes.

    See for yourself: Have a look at our reference video and learn more about the use of proALPHA at the Eckerle Group.

    proALPHA in use at Eckerle Holding GmbH - automotive supplier, plastics industry

    See our reference video

    proALPHA Is a Safe Bet for Automotive

    proALPHA is a powerful ERP system equipped with industry-specific functions which provides optimum support for automotive suppliers in their daily business. As a member of ITA (Automotive Partnership Association), proALPHA actively contributes to innovations and is always on top of the latest developments, trends and technologies in the automotive industry.