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A Reliable Partner for SMEs

The proALPHA Group

For more than 25 years, proALPHA has been satisfying clients with software that truly moves them forward. Besides SMEs from production and retail, the proALPHA Group today supports users from various other industries. Every day, around 1,200 employees help 4,500 clients around the world in moving toward digitization. The powerful ERP complete solution forms the digital backbone here by networking and controlling systems and processes along the entire value chain. Further solutions can be connected directly, such as admission control, operational and machine data logging and data analysis, as well as certified partners.

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The management team of the proALPHA group has many years of experience in the manufacturing industry and the software sector as well as in consulting small and mid-sized enterprises that operate in international markets.

A strong team

Group Companies

Group companies expand our portfolio, providing a direct connection without the need of interfaces. Whether on their own or together with proALPHA – these solutions meet requirements beyond the ERP, like access control or data analysis.

Even stronger together


proALPHA works in selected partnerships to optimally fulfill the requirements of its users and to stay one step ahead of its competitors by encouraging innovation.

Networking is key


You want to develop both personally and professionally? You want a safe future with a lot of creative freedom? Joins us and become part of a greater whole: Be it a business-oriented or technical focus, our jobs are just as diverse as the people who work at the company.

Together we design the future


With more than 30 subsidiaries and partners worldwide, proALPHA is always close to its customers. This allows the ERP provider to offer fast support for international manufacturing and trading companies, be it consulting, implementation or project management.

Close to you wherever you are

Social Responsibility

Success entails assuming social responsibility and giving something back ─ because not all people are on the bright side of life. proALPHA contributes to making their life better.

Sharing is living up to our responsibility

User Group

The proALPHA User Group is a great opportunity for users to network and raise subjects that matter to them. It promotes the exchange of experiences, fosters the cooperation with proALPHA and has direct influence on the future development of the ERP solution.

A Powerful Network

Customers Around the World

America, Europe, Asia and Australia: Customers all around the world are working with proALPHA. They can enter and process their data in any given language, because the ERP solution supports even Chinese, Cyrillic, Indian and Arabic characters. With proALPHA, it is also possible to handle any number of companies and currencies. Headquarters and subsidiaries alike benefit from these features.

proAlpha Customers
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