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    The proALPHA Group is continuously growing and adding more and more competencies to its portfolio. All solutions can be seamlessly integrated into proALPHA ERP to unleash their full potential.

    Our solutions at a glance

    Advanced Analytics

    proALPHA Advanced Analytics analyzes Big Data mega trends to create innovative and integrated solutions tailored to your needs. This includes the basic analysis of historical data, descriptive and predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.

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    Controlling Excellence

    The user-friendly controlling software of the proALPHA Group provides more transparency, more planning capability and more security in uncertain times.

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    Energy Management

    Optimize your use of energy with the help of ENIT's solutions. Use the innovative system to identify, understand and reduce your energy consumption, the related costs and your carbon footprint.

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    eProcurement and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

    The eProcurement and supplier relationship management (SRM) solution clevercure by curecomp boosts your operative and strategic procurement processes. Benefit from reliable data, high supply reliability, and reduced stock.

    Accelerate Your Supply Chain

    Intelligent Decision Support

    Empolis’ standardized SaaS products utilize artificial intelligence to unlock business-critical knowledge and make the right information available in the right place, at the right time

    Balance knowledge and service with AI

    Production management (MES)

    MESQ-it is the MES (manufacturing execution system) solution offered by Böhme & Weihs that provides a fresh impetus to your manufacturing processes. Benefit from increased machine utilization, optimized cycle and setup times, less inventories, and higher delivery reliability.

    Boost the Efficiency of Your Manufacturing Processes

    Quality management (CAQ)

    CASQ-it by Böhme & Weihs is a software for computer-aided quality (CAQ) that guarantees on-time delivery of error-free products with competitive prices. It helps you ensure the quality of your products and processes.

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    Human resource and time management

    Minimize your administration effort by using tisoware's time recording and staff scheduling. The graphic display of all presences and absences helps you to flexibly organize the work times of your employees and make the most of your operating times.

    Make the Most of Your Operating Times

    Access management

    Get a clear view of critical tasks and unauthorized access postings. tisoware provides a wide range of innovative solutions for more security. You can use digital access privileges to secure employees, real assets, and information in your company.

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