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Franke Industries

Firing on All Cylinders with proALPHA

Burning hot is just the right temperature for Franke Industrie AG. For 60 years, the Swiss company has manufactured heat-resistant components such as combustion chambers, nozzles, flame tubes, and guide vanes. Having to resist temperatures of up to 1,200° Celsius, these hot gas parts are used in gas turbines in the energy and aerospace industry. They are anything but standard. Their lot sizes are proof of this, too: they range between 1 and 300 at the maximum. On average, their manufacture takes nine months, from the time a quote is issued to the day the shipment leaves. Europe and the USA are Franke Industrie's most important markets. The company has an export share of almost 100 percent.

Franke Industrie competes with numerous mid-sized suppliers for a relatively small number of only 100 customers in the market worldwide, among them Siemens, GE, and MAN. proALPHA helps the company gain an edge over its competitors. The integrated document management system DMS is of great benefit to Franke Industrie: it ensures that all documents are readily available, be it scans, supplier invoices or certificates. Moreover, the proALPHA WorkflowManagement helps automate business processes in purchasing, production, assembly, and sales.


  • proALPHA establishes seamless digital business processes
  • Employees of all departments always have relevant documents at hand thanks to the proALPHA Document Management System
  • Receipts can be automatically labeled with barcodes and archived, and documents can be assigned to business transactions using drag and drop
  • proALPHA Workflow Management automates workflows and promotes reliable and transparent process control
Franke Industries

Industry: Metal Processing

Sites: Aarburg/Schweiz; Ampfing/Deutschland

Products: Hot gas path parts for gas turbines in the energy and aerospace industry

Revenue: €21.5m (2016)

Employees: Approx 80


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