Mikrop AG


    • ERP solution with focus on production planning and control
    • Cross-border division of labor thanks to fully mirrored master files, parts and BOMs are identical for both companies
    • Optimization based on a growing data pool from plant data collection
    • Planned: ERP-supported parts labeling based on pick lists

    Mikrop AG in Wittenbach near St. Gallen in Switzerland develops, produces and assembles highly complex optical systems. The company specializes in spherical lenses, miniaturized rod lenses, optical multi-element systems and compact assemblies with diameters ranging from 0.3 mm to 15 mm. The precision optics are used in medical technology applications and for industrial image processing, for example in the automotive industry or for checking aircraft engines.

    The micro-optics industry demands absolute precision. This depends strongly on the processing tools used. Tool production is thus just as important to manufacturers as the product design itself. Both takes place at Mikrop AG in its home country Switzerland. Since becoming a subsidiary of German INDUS-Holding AG, large parts of the company's production have been outsourced to a location in Serbia. In order for this division of labor to work, Mikrop AG has been relying on proALPHA ERP and its strengths in cross-border production planning and control since 2009.

    Mikrop AG

    Industry: Electronics & High Tech

    Sites: Wittenbach near St. Gallen, CH Kac near Novi Sad, SRB Sauerlach near Munich, DE

    Producs: Advanced Planning and Scheduling Plant data collection

    Revenue: approx. 15M

    Employees: approx. 160


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