Willi Hahn GmbH


    • Comprehensive ERP system with approximately 40 different EDI partner integrations
    • Resource planning with proALPHA for overlapping production control
    • One ERP system for all locations with proALPHA Profit Center Accounting
    • Easy and structured entry of material surcharges
    • Integrated document management system

    Willi Hahn GmbH, short Wiha, started off in 1939 as a factory for screws and nuts. The company has specialized in producing and procuring customer-specific connectors for various industries. Wiha are distinguished by their high-quality connections in every respect. The innovative and leading manufacturer provides global players in B2B with metal connectors and components which comply with the highest requirements and certification standards.

    Willi Hahn GmbH

    Industry: Automotive supplier, Metal Processing

    Sites: Sasbach and Wuppertal/DE

    Producs: Production and procurement of metal connectors and components including consulting at a high technical level (e.g., cold-extruded parts, turned parts, and milled parts) for various industries (like automotive, commercial vehicles, medical technology, traffic engineering, measurement and control technology, and mechanical engineering)

    Revenue: approx. €40M

    Employees: 220


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