Mission Statement of the proALPHA Group

    Our common denominator.

    The decisions we make today determine the present of tomorrow. We, the proALPHA Group, aspire to a social relevance that goes beyond our core competencies. We assume responsibility and take a firm stand on issues regarding how we relate to one another.

    We stay true to our values and the intrinsic guiding principles that connect us as a company group and point us in one common direction.


    What sets us apart: Innovative by experience / Adding value through substance / United in success / Sustainably in motion / Eager for variety/ Linked by trust / Maverick in thinking / Together in focus


    As a dedicated and innovative technology partner, we empower manufacturing enterprises to realize their full potential in attaining ambitious business goals.


    We are unconventional thinkers who live and breathe innovation, optimize processes, and drive business ideas continually forward. In doing so, we are indelibly linked to the digital future of our customers.


    We are fascinated by those who have their focus set firmly on the challenges of a changing world – and who seek to make their influence felt. It’s our goal to motivate, empower and help shape the future. We see ourselves as enablers of change. Acting single-mindedly, authentically and with confidence. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe in: we give you the power to unleash your unique potential to the fullest. And the solutions you need to reshape and transform this world.

    You are the change. You make all the difference.