Digital Trends and Technologies

    Encourage Innovation with proALPHA ERP

    proALPHA evaluates new technologies and trends on an ongoing basis. Not everything that is new and trendy suits the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises. Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, the cloud and usability are proof to this. This is why proALPHA first checks how innovations can be put into practice before adding them to its software and consulting portfolio. The successful Industry 4.0 projects of proALPHA customers confirm that this is the right approach.

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    User Experience

    The proALPHA GUI promotes intuitive operation and features numerous customization options to achieve maximum productivity. It provides users with the functions and information they need for their work. The clear structure of programs contributes significantly to a great user experience. …

    Usability Is Key

    ERP from the Cloud

    ERP from the business cloud adds to the scalability of SMEs. It allows them to expand their system without having to invest in IT infrastructure or to quickly connect smaller subsidiaries abroad. Not only does the cloud "Made in Germany" help keep IT investments low, it also adds to …

    Tailored to SMEs, On Demand, Versatile


    Be it in sales, storage, service, production or any other place, thanks to its web-based mobile solutions, proALPHA gives more flexibility to your daily work. To ensure smooth processes at your company, mobile technology has to be geared towards your company's needs, and not the other way …

    Accessible by Employees Everywhere

    Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 has found its way into production halls. Surveys reveal that SMEs are doing pretty well, which is also reflected in the many successful Industry 4.0 projects implemented by proALPHA. They also prove that the networked factory is not relevant to production only. Other areas …

    Digital Transformation for SMEs