KLAUS Multiparking


    • Integration of all business units in the ERP system
    • Open interfaces to other systems
    • Automated product configuration
    • The proALPHA consulting team‘s expertise
    • Proximity to proALPHA branch office and local support
    • Predefined options for selecting product specifications allow optimum configuration of quotes and orders to create a customized product of lot size 1
    • Creation of complete bills of materials and optimized packing lists with the product configurator
    • Mapping of the entire service process in proALPHA Service Management
    • Accelerated service processes by connecting l-mobile and proALPHA
    • Time savings thanks to central access to documents via the integrated Document Management System

    With 600,000 parking spaces and 65 sales partners worldwide, KLAUS Multiparking is one of the leading providers of premium parking systems. No single product is like any other. KLAUS Multiparking tailors each one to suit the customer‘s needs with the help of the proALPHA Product Configurator and its automated, time-saving and error-free processes. Supported by the integrated proALPHA Service Management, the company also effortlessly manages more than 1,000 maintenance calls and 250 repair calls in Germany each month. Not only is high quality in service assured but also the audit-proof archiving of one million documents in the integrated Document Management System (DMS).

    KLAUS Multiparking

    Industry: Mechanical and Plant Engineering

    Sites: Aitrach near Memmingen

    Producs: Semi and fully automatic parking systems: double and stack parkers, shelf, tower, layer, lift and shuttle systems

    Revenue: €40m (2014)

    Employees: approx. 140


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