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    proALPHA provides optimum support for its users by offering professional customer service, comprehensive training, and informative customer portals. The proALPHA User Group is the perfect platform for customers who want to network with other proALPHA users.



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    We offer a variety of exciting seminars where specialists from any department can gain extensive knowledge in compact form. This includes standard seminars, on-site training, e-learning and regular special courses on seasonal topics.

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    proALPHA Product Documentation

    Our expertise clearly structured: Find the answers to your questions in our product documentation, which is always up-to-date and can be accessed anytime. The product documentation includes the proALPHA Application Guide, the release information and product descriptions.

    The latest info always at hand

    Application Management System

    With Application Management Services (AMS), proALPHA supports you quickly, selectively and personally in your day-to-day business. Simply place all tasks relating to your ERP operations, for which you have no internal capacity, in the hands of our experts.

    Individual consulting services for your ERP


    proALPHA is more than software. It stands for comprehensive consulting. proALPHA provides support in implementing ERP systems, maintaining the infrastructure, and other tasks. ERP experts with in-depth knowledge of processes, technology and industries are the competent partner at your side.

    ERP Consulting Projects and Their Implementation

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    24/7 access to great features with your personal login: take advantage of up-to-date information on new releases and updates and browse the proALPHA Wiki to learn more about proALPHA. You can also look up past and current calls.

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    Digital Trends and Technologies

    proALPHA evaluates new technologies and trends on an ongoing basis. This is why proALPHA first checks how innovations can be put into practice before adding them to its software and consulting portfolio. The successful Industry 4.0 projects of proALPHA customers confirm that this is the right approach.

    Encourage Innovation with proALPHA ERP

    Remote Consulting

    Are you a proALPHA user and need support at short notice? For example, for the administration of the document management system, the setup of a PDA interface, for inventory or for asset accounting? The proALPHA Remote Consulting provides fast, competent help...

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