How much is an ERP system?

    The only valid answer to this question is: it depends.

    Calculating house construction is just a big project as calculating the costs for an ERP system. While the costs for a house depend on the material, the number of windows, etc., the costs for an ERP solution depend on the number of users, the modules licensed, the degree of customizations, etc.

    Moreover, you have to differentiate between implementation and operating costs as well as between internal and external costs. This short overview shows you the cost areas you should consider and the cost traps you should try to avoid.

    These 6 cost factors determine the price













    proALPHA QuickStart

    The perfect solution for small manufacturing companies

    • Complete package of full-fledged software modules

    • Industry-specific consultation and implementation

    • Tailored to your needs 

    • Fixed costs and project durations

    proALPHA ERP

    Perfect for everyone looking for the ideal solution for their processes

    • Tailored to the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises

    • An integrated approach, a modular concept, and cutting-edge technology

    • Seamlessly map, control, and optimize your entire value-added chain

    • Quick ROI thanks to a smart choice

    ERP+ solutions

    Perfect for everyone who wants more than just an ERP solution 

    • eProcurement and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

    • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

    • Human resources, time and access management

    • And many more

    „We chose proALPHA because it's a powerful, cost-effective solution.“

    Niels Roelofsen, CEO, GAUDLITZ GmbH


    How to keep your ERP implementation in time and in budget

    An ERP project is time-consuming and expensive, regardless of the company, the size and the industry.

    4 tips to keep your project in budget:

    • Choose an industry-specific ERP system that you don't have to bend
    • Beware of too many interfaces! Look out for integrated solutions.
    • Select a provider that speaks the language of your industry and understands its requirements
    • Make sure that you have clean data before the start of the project; this will facilitate the migration

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