ERP for Medical Technology

    Agile Processes for International Growth

    proALPHA enables small and mid-sized enterprises in the medical technology industry to strive for constant innovation, comply with strict regulations and operate on an international scale. Equipped with integrated document management, the ERP system not only establishes the infrastructure required to automate processes. It also offers workflows and auditing functions to create smooth, reliable processes and audit-proof documentation in any country. Moreover, proALPHA lays the foundation for efficient quality assurance by assigning unique IDs to materials, serial numbers, and lots, for example.

    The comprehensive solution also promotes research and development. proALPHA Project Management allows companies in the medical technology industry to plan and monitor R&D projects across departments and countries. It helps you keep tabs of schedules, required certifications and costs and supports them in reducing development cycles and investment risks.

    proALPHA ─ Geared to Your Industry

    Further information on the use of proALPHA in medical technology is provided in this PDF.

    Important Modules for Your Sector of Industry

    • Compliant Implementation

      Legal regulations often stipulate the tools companies are allowed to use, including IT systems. proMETHEUS is a standardized implementation method that ensures compliance from the very beginning.

      Learn More About This Method

    • Profitable Innovation

      Innovation involves room for creativity as well as planning and control. Using proALPHA Project Management, you can monitor and control all development steps to make sure that innovation turns a profit.

      Learn More About the Module: Project Management

    • Efficient Quality Assurance

      With proALPHA, you deliver proven quality. The ERP solution optimizes the supply of materials, regardless of how you manage your warehouses. Since all materials are marked with unique IDs, lot numbers or serial numbers, all movements can be tracked.

      Learn More About the Module: Materials Management

    • Optimum Utilization

      With advanced planning and scheduling, the correct resources such as tools and specialists are provided in time with the required quantity of material. This accelerates processes from the time an order comes in to its delivery.

      Learn More About the Module: Production

    • Audit-Proof Documentation

      ERP, document management and workflows are closely interwoven, offering maximum process reliability and full documentation. The business process designer provides the basis for integrated procedural documentation. Moreover, auditing allows any steps to be traced.

      Learn More About the Module: Document Management System (DMS)

    proALPHA ─ The ERP Solution of Choice

    A strong company is the driving force behind this cutting-edge ERP industry solution: proALPHA is an innovative group that has earned the trust of numerous users and is always close to its customers, be it in Germany or around the world.