Advanced Analytics

    Benefits for data profiling, classic BI and predictive analytics

    Data-based decisions require more than just the selective use of dashboards or business intelligence technologies. Companies can only exploit the full potential of big data when they go through all BI phases and combine them with AI. Corporate management has the greatest benefit from this: The accuracy of AI-based forecasts and the resulting high quality of data-based decisions open up new dimensions.

    We use big data trends to develop innovative, holistic solutions that are available to the entire ERP+ portfolio. Our solutions cover all classic BI phases and go beyond the possibilities of common BI tools. Furthermore, we analyze all data produced along the value-added chain with modern AI methods and identify optimization potential in business processes.

    Whether you want to close BI gaps or integrate holistic BI and AI technologies that use your company's ERP domain knowledge, proALPHA Advanced Analytics helps you exploit the full potential of big data in terms of fact-driven company management for a permanent competitive edge.

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    What our customers says

    "We've been using proALPHA ERP for many years now and collect large volumes of data. We use the Analyzer and the BI dashboards to analyze these data and visualize the most important KPIs on structured dash-boards. Thanks to NEMO, we now have a completely different view of our data based on artificial intelligence, from which we derive recommended measures."

    Wolfgang Fuhr
    Head of IT & Organization at Gebr. Pfeiffer

    Why NEMO is a real analysis brain

    The AI platform NEMO enables you to analyze your daily business in real time. Based on millions of records, NEMO helps you quickly discover where things are going well, where there are problems and what to do. NEMO asks the right questions before you do. NEMO identifies connections and explains them. 

    Spare 4 minutes and discover the world with NEMO.

    More about NEMO

    Our portfolio for your data-driven corporate management


    Data exploration und data profiling

    • Visualize your data like never before
    • Quick and spontaneous data analyses
    • Intuitive data browsing
    • Uncover problems with data quality

    Data preparation and DQM

    • Continuous, rule-based data monitoring integrated into proALPHA
    • Document measures and improvements
    • Resolve data quality issues

    Descriptive analytics and visualizations

    • Interactive dashboards for all company divisions
    • Self-service visualization
    • Business bundles for proALPHA
    • Easily adjusted on the basis of proALPHA data

    Predictive and prescriptive analytics

    • Identify patterns and irregularities in the data
    • Dynamic KPI determination
    • Transparency regarding all processes
    • Unlock potential for optimization and make monetary valuations

    Excellent product portfolio

    As an OEM partner, we can draw on plenty of solutions and tools to put together the right solution for you: Besides the analysis brain NEMO, we have access to the entire Qlik portfolio ‒ one of the leading BI solutions in Gartner's "Magic Quadrant Leader for Analytics and BI Platforms" for more than 10 years now. Benefit from our attractive price and licensing model, and from dashboards tailored to your needs.

    And if you want to, we can also deploy InfoZoom by our subsidiary humanIT for you InfoZoom scored 27 top rankings and 26 leading positions in the BARC BI & Analytics Survey 23, the world's largest annual survey among BI and analysis software users. InfoZoom is the best-ranking product in the survey with regard to the KPIs "Data Preparation", "Project Success" and "Project Length". Once again, InfoZoom was rated the best product with regard to its contribution to improving data quality.


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