• proALPHA Purchasing

      Optimum Procurement

    From strategic purchasing to quote management and invoice control, proALPHA Purchasing allows all processes to be optimized to ensure cost-effective procurement of high-quality goods on time. Integrated portals facilitate the connection of suppliers to the ERP system and promote cooperation. Highly automated processes ensure flawless data quality and enable analyses and systematic improvements, creating the ideal basis for efficient procurement management, including supplier evaluation.

    Functionality and more

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    The Highlights of proALPHA Purchasing

    • Quote management for cost-effective purchasing in compliance with corporate regulations
    • Suppliers are actively involved in all purchasing processes
    • Tools for strategic purchasing planning and warehouse optimization
    • Workflows take routine tasks off the hands of employees and accelerate cycle times
    • Procurement controlling and supplier monitoring
    • On demand eProcurement and Supplier Relationship Management from the cloud
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    Convenient and Quick Purchase Order Processing

    With proALPHA, each purchase order can be conveniently handled. It allows the automatic or manual generation of purchase orders from MRP suggestions, orders and part plans, for example. This is possible thanks to Purchasing being completely integrated into the ERP system, enabling Workflow Management to automate virtually all processes.

    Increased Efficiency Thanks to Supplier Portals

    If web portals are used to procure goods and process purchase orders, the productivity of all parties involved is increased. The access of suppliers to the warehouse management system can be controlled by means of privileges: this allows them to determine current stock and demand and deliver goods without a prior request if this has been defined in a blanket agreement. It is also possible to transfer data via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). They are processed further in the ERP system.

    proALPHA Materials Management

    From MRP to warehousing and lot management: keep tabs on goods flows and costs
    proALPHA Purchasing optimizes all processes in procurement, be it the selection of suppliers or invoice control.

    Strategic Purchasing Planning

    proALPHA provides all tools for strategic purchasing, such as ABC/XYZ analysis for optimum stock control. Master production scheduling and cockpits featuring analysis of demand coverage, delivery reliability and turnover ratio support purchasing employees in their daily business.

    Procurement Controlling Complete with Supplier Evaluations

    What values are generated in purchasing and what costs are incurred? Which suppliers are reliable and deliver on time? Which might offer discounts? The proALPHA Business Intelligence tools allow detailed analysis of data from all departments. It is possible to create standard reports or to carry out analysis on an ad hoc basis.

    proALPHA ERP – All Processes at a Glance