• proALPHA Web Portal

      Connecting Business Partners to the ERP System

    Customers, suppliers, sales agents and employees can be conveniently connected to the ERP system using web portals, regardless of the devices, platforms and sites involved. Everything you need is a web browser. Relevant data stored in the ERP system can be accessed online in real time. As a result, everyone has the information they need for their work at hand.

    Since the web portals are fully integrated into the ERP system, redundant data are avoided and no other systems or interfaces are required that have to be updated and maintained.

    Functionality and more

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    The Highlights of proALPHA Web Portals

    • Business partners and employees take an active part in ERP processes
    • Roles and authorizations control access to real-time ERP data
    • Full integration avoids redundant data
    • Target group-specific configuration 
    • Several web shops per company possible

    One Data Pool for Numerous Individual Portals and Web Shops

    The portals can be filled with different offers for goods and services from the same data pool. Their configuration and contents can be effortlessly tailored to suit the needs of your company. A multishop interface is provided to connect web shops to proALPHA ERP for e-commerce purposes. It is also possible to connect several shops to an installation. 

    Customer Portals Promote Sales Processes

    Customer portals are a useful feature in business to consumer (b2c) and business to business (b2b) sales processes. After logging in via a web browser, customers can check their data and orders and configure and order the desired products. They are provided with an overview of the prices confirmed to them, including discounts, schedules, and surcharges.

    Web Portals for Wholesale

    The convenient way of connecting customers, suppliers and online shops to the ERP system.

    proALPHA offers convenient options to connect business partners, employees and customers to the ERP system. A standardized multishop interface allows e-commerce platforms to be integrated.

    Field Service Portals: All Data at Hand

    Field service and manufacturer's representatives are provided with the information they need for an appointment, be it current contact details, the status of a sales project or the entire history of a customer. During customer talks, they use the ERP system to check contact details and create orders, for example. Questions about prices, stock on hand, quotes and pending deliveries can be answered right away.

    Integration of Suppliers into the Process Chain

    Supplier portals reduce the workload in purchasing. Each supplier is given access to a web portal that has been designed to meet their specific requirements. This enables them to check the stock on hand, determine demands, and deliver goods without a prior request if this has been defined in a blanket agreement. They can also download new purchase orders and release data from the Web portal.

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