• proALPHA Project Management

      Planning Projects Efficiently for Greatest Success

    Everyday, you have to handle new projects in your company, be it the creation of complex sales orders, the development of new products or the optimization of business processes. To complete these projects successfully, you need to coordinate tasks across departments, plan resources, and keep all participants up-to-date. Integrated project management helps you master this wide variety of tasks.

    Functionality and more

    Detailed information about proALPHA Project Management in this PDF.

    The Highlights of proALPHA Project Management

    • Full integration facilitates project work across departments
    • Efficient scheduling, resource planning, and budgeting
    • Numerous graphics for convenient planning
    • Keep tabs on capacities and utilization with multi-project management to avoid bottlenecks and delays
    • Detailed costings and forecasts
    • Project files
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    Graphic-Based Project Planning Across Departments

    proALPHA Project Management connects your departments' processes with each other, providing a perfect overview of the overall situation, costs, and actions. Project teams can use numerous graphics such as work breakdown structures, networks and Gantt charts to efficiently plan and control tasks, resources, and dates.

    Multi-project management tool provides maximum transparency

    All workflows and resources are defined in project management. Since any project in your company is mapped in the module, you can identify bottlenecks or conflicts in time and take appropriate measures early on.

    Effective Project Controlling

    More information about proALPHA Cost Control.

    proALPHA Project Management facilitates project work across departments and allows efficient scheduling, resource planning, and budgeting.

    Fully Integrated Project Controlling

    proALPHA provides you with an overview of all budgeted, actual and expected costs at any stage of the project. After initial budgeting and preliminary costing, accounts payable, actual material withdrawals and reported times are recorded not only in the project, but also in cost accounting. This is possible thanks to the deep integration of the ERP system.

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