proALPHA ERP Processes at a Glance

    proALPHA's fully integrated ERP modules support all core processes of small and mid-sized enterprises, which guarantees a seamless quantity and value flow within your company.

    • Perfect ERP complete solution for production and trade
    • Customizations and extensions
    • Geared to achieve maximum productivity and transparency
    • Available as on-premises software or cloud solution


    Scope of functions and more

    Detailed information about proALPHA ERP summarized in a PDF file.

    Core Processes

    Functionalities geared to production or trade serve as the digital backbone of a company, as they map key business processes along the value-added chain. With proALPHA's comprehensive ERP solution, you can manage all tasks from sales to service. By means of these modules, you can also keep an eye on financial accounting and cost accounting.

    What proALPHA ERP also does

    These special features unlock proALPHA's full potential. They promote and accelerate processes between divisions and companies, thereby boosting productivity. Make data-driven decisions thanks to reliable business intelligence tools, automate your HR tasks, and efficiently process sales orders with the project management module.

    What are the benefits of the proALPHA ERP processes?

    proALPHA relies on a process and service-oriented software architecture (SOA). The holistic concept of our ERP software combines a modular structure with the latest technologies. The multi-layer system architecture provides various function packages to support your company in focusing on your strengths.

    The main advantage of the proALPHA ERP modules: The software is available as on-premises software or cloud solution.

    • Process- and service-oriented software architecture (SOA)
    • Available as on-premises software or cloud solution
    • Mapping, controlling, and optimizing the entire value-added chain
    • Workflow management of automated business processes

    Use the comprehensive ERP solution proALPHA for all relevant business processes. With the appropriate ERP processes, you can map, control, and optimize your entire value-added chain. You and your business partners have access to real-time data at any time, regardless of the device, your location, and the platform. This is possible thanks to a web-based ERP access. If desired, we will integrate special applications into your ERP environment.

    The proALPHA software acts as a central information hub and guarantees continuous information flows, based on the central management of the data in a database. Do you want to increase efficiency in your company? Then go ahead and automate your business processes with our integrated workflow management.

    The technology behind the proALPHA ERP components

    Benefit from the great flexibility of the ERP processes which proALPHA has implemented as a service. This means, you can easily combine the comprehensive ERP solution with special functions of external systems.

    proALPHA's service-oriented system architecture (SOA) is based on three key features:

    1.  Application
    2.  Architecture
    3.  Infrastructure

    The ERP system processes feature the classic three-tier architecture: data management, business logic, and presentation. If your corporate processes require customizations, we can implement them without modifying the program code – thanks to the proALPHA Repository.

    proALPHA allows for a convenient integration of various technologies and data formats. This is possible thanks to the specifically developed Integration Workbench (INWB). It is particularly interesting for digitalization since it guarantees the necessary communication between the vertically linked systems. If you want to automate individual processes in all proALPHA applications, the integrated workflow engine is the best means to do so.

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