• proALPHA Plant Data Collection

      Conveniently Enter and Process Order Data for Finite Planning and Actual Costings

    To ensure precise planning and controlling, you not only need machine data but also the latest order data on processing times, stock on hand, scrap quantities, and confirmed quantities. If this information is written, collected and analyzed on paper, valuable time is lost. proALPHA Plant Data Collection (PDC) is the fast way of retrieving order-specific data in digital form. You create precise plans swiftly and generate actual costings at the push of a button.

    Functionality and more

    Detailed information about proALPHA Plant Data Collection in this PDF.

    The Highlights of Plant Data Collection in proALPHA ERP

    • Detailed order-specific actual data from production and warehousing
    • Precise planning and controlling thanks to accurate master data
    • Integration with Time and Attendance software and proALPHA ERP creates consistent workflows
    • Functions for batch entries, multiple machine operation and team postings help save time
    • Great usability thanks to menus designed for touch screens
    • Masks can be tailored to the needs of individual employees
    • Mobile concept coupled with offline functionalities

    Live Data from Production

    Employees use industrial PCs or mobile devices to report the latest data. Once they start a new operation, the previous one is automatically marked complete. All masks have been geared to your business processes. To save time, you combine multiple postings in one operation by means of special functions, for example, if a sequence of operations is to be processed or several machines are to be used.

    Enter Movements Straight Away

    Scanners or PDAs offer the fastest way of entering movements, be it based on part numbers, requisition postings or barcode confirmation numbers. Employees can monitor issued and received material and check the stock available in different warehouses. Moreover, they can perform warehouse transfer postings. They are also supported in creating requisitions and completing tasks related to physical inventory.

    Mobile Access for Employees

    To maximize productivity, mobile technologies need to adjust to the processes used, and not the other way round. proALPHA offers mobile solutions for production, warehousing, service, and sales.
    proALPHA Plant Data Collection provides order-specific actual data from production and warehousing that can be used for production planning and actual costings.

    Immediately Available to Materials Management and Production Planning

    All data are promptly transferred to proALPHA ERP. If a connection to the ERP system cannot be established, the data are saved on the device and transferred later. Plausibility checks are carried out, for example, to avoid that calculations result in negative stock. Warehouse data are immediately available to proALPHA Materials Management The data from production can be directly fed to advanced planning and scheduling (APS) in proALPHA Production. Synchronization with proALPHA Time and Attendance is ensured at all times.

    Data for TNA, Cost Accounting, and Controlling

    Data obtained with PDC not only support you in optimizing business processes, you can also use them to improve the quality of your master data: The target times entered in routings reflect the actual workflows and times available. This helps you optimize the costings and schedules of future orders.

    Up-to-Date Production Planning

    PDC data provide the basis for precise advanced planning and scheduling (APS). APS helps you optimize resource utilization and reduce cycle times.

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