Accessible by Employees Everywhere

    Be it in sales, storage, service, production or any other place, thanks to its web-based mobile solutions, proALPHA gives more flexibility to your daily work. To ensure smooth processes at your company, mobile technology has to be geared towards your company's needs, and not the other way round. Consequently, we do not offer "the one and only app", but a choice of scalable apps that are always directly connected to the ERP system. This greatly adds to flexibility and investment security, while reducing maintenance efforts.

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    The Highlights of Mobility with proALPHA

    • Mobile Access from Any Device
    • The direct link to proALPHA ERP ensures that information is up-to-date and creates seamless workflows
    • Preconfigured solutions for production, logistics, customer service and sales
    • Best practice templates for web apps simplify setup
    • Once they are trained, users can configure the web portals themselves
    • Comprehensive consulting includes customized solutions and knowledge transfer

    Mobile proALPHA ERP for Production and Logistics

    Your employees working in production and logistics can access the proALPHA ERP system from anywhere, which allows them to enter plant data and project runtimes online or offline. As required, you can use the mobile devices to pick items, manage lots and serial numbers, and post stocks.

    Increased Productivity in Customer Service and Sales

    The mobile sales solution enables sales employees on field service to access the latest customer data at any time. Appointments and reports can be easily managed. The after-sales service, too, greatly benefits from the mobile solution. At the customer's site, your technicians always have the contract documents and assembly instructions at their fingertips and can immediately report the completion of services.

    Cover proALPHA ERP Complete Solution

    Overview of proALPHA ERP

    Comprehensive brochure showcasing the functionalities of the ERP solution and its fields of application, with a clear focus on small and mid-sized manufacturing and trading companies.

    The web apps by proALPHA are customized mobile solutions that can be adjusted anytime to your company's needs.

    Web Apps Increase Flexibility and Investment Security

    Mobile ERP applications have the potential to increase the efficiency of company-specific business processes. However, native apps often do not offer enough flexibility here. proALPHA therefore uses web apps to link mobile functions to the ERP system. Since they can be displayed in any standard browser, they do not depend on specific devices and platforms.

    Seamless Integration

    Web portals for mobile solutions can be geared to individual fields of application and provided using the proALPHA Web Framework. Their full integration into proALPHA ERP ensures seamless business processes. Moreover, portals can be conveniently configured and designed. Users can learn how to adjust the layout or add new fields in training sessions.