• proALPHA Human Resources Management

      The perfect solution for matters of human resources

    proALPHA will guide you through your HR tasks with intelligent digital processes – whether it's about payroll accounting, the communication with authorities, reimbursement of travel expenses, human resources or applicant management. proALPHA HR Suite structures and accelerates all core processes of human resource management.

    The Highlights of proALPHA Human Resources Management

    • Processes integrated into HR management: payroll accounting, reimbursement of travel expenses, reporting to authorities, applicant and human resources management
    • Structured and transparent personnel documents in the electronic personnel file
    • Consistent data throughout the company thanks to ERP integration and time and attendance
    • Current laws and rates automatically taken into account
    • Analysis and reporting functions for personnel cost planning and corporate performance management

    Managing labor, salary, and travel expenses

    proALPHA ensures smooth handling of even the most complex payroll processes: wage rates per hour, part time workers, reduced working hours, unpaid leave, adjustments to labor agreements, or retirement provisions. Industry specifics are taken into account just as well as different remuneration models. In addition, proALPHA HR Suite guides you through the steps required for travel expense reports, including business trip application, the approval by the authorized superior, and the reimbursement of travel expenses.

    Structured working with digital personnel file

    The digital personnel file enables you to access employee information, master files and relevant personnel documents regardless of time and place. Documents like applicant documents, contracts, certificates, or target agreements can be stored and managed in a defined file structure, taking into account the various legal requirements for data protection, data security, and archiving including GoBD.

    Capturing applicants and employees

    In times of social media and platforms for evaluation, an excellent treatment of your applicants and employees is the best advertising for your company. proALPHA HR Suite safely guides you through all administrative tasks so that your applicants and employees feel well taken care of at any time. By means of the HR Employee Portal, you actively include employees and managers in your workflows based on their roles.

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    The elaborate digitalized processes of proALPHA Human Resources Management allow you to focus on the selection of the right employees and personnel development to the point.

    Full transparency in reporting

    The electronic report service of proALPHA HR Suite helps you to attend to all your legal report obligations almost automatically. It assists you in implementing legal requirements in time and without errors. Of course, proALPHA HR Suite has all required official approvals and checks, including DATÜV, the OFD test number, and the statutory health insurance certificate of the ITSG Trust Center.

    Clear sight for budgeting and corporate performance management

    It doesn't matter whether you require an up-to-date analysis of the actual situation of your personnel expenses or an overview of your cost development within individual departments, cost centers, or with regard to an employee. You can use preconfigured analyses or create your own reports to answer all your questions. Target/actual comparisons and what-if scenarios complete the comprehensive planning and performance management portfolio.

    Consistent data throughout the company

    Thanks to an open interface design, proALPHA HR Suite can be seamlessly integrated into your proALPHA system landscape. You then work with one data basis throughout the company. For instance, payroll processes are closely linked to information from proALPHA Time and Attendance. At the same time, all managers can access relevant information, analyses and KPIs required for their management functions.

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