• proALPHA Sales

      Creating Profit-Oriented Sales Processes

    Sales processes can be consistently mapped and efficiently controlled with proALPHA Sales. The module is fully integrated into the ERP system and offers powerful functions for sales planning, quotation costing, shipment, and invoicing. The success of a sales project does not only depend on your products' prices and quality but also on the information your sales employees have about a customer. proALPHA ensures that sales employees can always draw on relevant information, even if they are on field service. Integrated controlling helps sales managers and employees keep tabs on the sales figures, margins and commissions of their field of responsibility.

    Functionality and more

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    The Highlights of proALPHA Sales

    • Controlling of intercompany sales processes
    • Automation of routine tasks
    • Versatile quotation costing complete with CTP checks
    • Integrated e-business solutions
    • Automatic monitoring of sales KPIs

    Fast Creation of Quotes

    proALPHA facilitates the creation of customized quotes, be it for merchandise in stock, series products, customer-specific variants or make-to-order parts. Rule-based costings and product configuration are provided for this purpose. Capable-to-promise checks enable sales employees to confirm reliable delivery dates during customer talks. Since all versions of a quote are stored in the document management system (DMS), any changes can be traced.

    Automated Workflows

    proALPHA Workflow Management ensures efficient, reliable sales processes at any stage. Blanket and call-off orders based on specific dates or progress points are automatically exchanged with customers via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

    proALPHA CRM

    proALPHA promotes close customer relationships by providing a holistic view of customers and prospects.

    The deep integration of proALPHA Sales allows all processes to be mapped, from sales planning to invoicing.

    Effortless Connection of Business Partners

    The Sales module is closely interwoven with proALPHA Customer Relationship Management, which provides powerful functions for all important CRM tasks. The connection to customers and sales partners is established by the proALPHA Web Portal. It features a multishop interface to connect e-commerce platforms, making e-business an integral part of proALPHA Sales.

    Sales Controlling

    Versatile budgeting and controlling functions help monitor sales trends. The Management Information system provides the reports that departments require in their daily business. The dashboards of the business cockpit allow interactive analysis of sales figures and help you identify trends and deviations fast. Complex analysis can be carried out on an ad hoc basis using the proALPHA Analyzer. No programming skills are required.

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