• proALPHA Customer Relationship Management

      Creating Successful Customer Relations

    proALPHA CRM promotes close customer relationships by providing a holistic view of customers and prospects and enabling companies to offer individual support from the quote to after-sales service. The module serves as the central information platform and makes consistent customer data available to all departments in real time. Comprehensive CRM functionalities, including prospect and lead management and marketing activities, greatly enhance process efficiency. Competitor information, forecasts, and sales controlling are key to far-sighted CRM.

    Functionality and more

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    The Highlights of proALPHA CRM

    • Holistic View of Customers and Prospects
    • Optimum support for field service – anywhere and anytime
    • Full documentation of sales processes
    • Identification of sales opportunities at the push of a button
    • Target group-specific marketing activities
    proALPHA CRM

    All Customer Data at Hand

    proALPHA enables you to create an overview of a customer at the push of a button. Field service can access documents and other information stored in the ERP system, such as current catalogs, prices and discounts, even if they are on the road. The latest quotes and reports on customer talks can also be found here. All customer-specific documents are automatically archived and combined in a customer file by means of the fully integrated document management system (DMS).

    Targeted Sales Activities

    All sales activities can be linked to the corresponding sales projects. Automated workflows for standard sales processes support you in monitoring A leads and organizing appointments at the customer's, for example.

    proALPHA Sales

    From sales planning to invoicing, all sales processes can be consistently mapped and efficiently controlled with proALPHA.
    In-house and field service rely on accurate up-to-date information to provide excellent customer support. proALPHA CRM provides the basis for this.

    Targeted Marketing

    proALPHA enables you to design target group-specific marketing activities. It supports you in choosing exactly those groups you want to address. Comprehensive controlling helps conduct follow-up activities even more efficiently, reducing wastage and improving response ratios.

    Well-Informed thanks to Analyses

    Sales opportunities are being processed and evaluated on an ongoing basis to create precise forecasts. proALPHA offers a large number of analyses for this purpose, such as analyses of the sales project status, product groups, regions and field service teams. They can be created at the push of a button. Business cockpits feature transparent graphics of sales KPIs that can also be displayed on mobile devices. 

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