• proALPHA Business Intelligence

      Working with Reliable Data

    Managers and specialists need accurate up-to-date information to make sound decisions. The proALPHA BI tools are easy to use and help you keep tabs on all business activities by means of monthly reports, ad hoc analyses, and other assessments. They provide you with reliable data in any situation. A central database ensures that all reports in the company are consistent. proALPHA Advanced Analytics analyzes big data mega trends and derives the best strategy to generate a clear competitive edge from your individual stock.

    Functionality and more

    Detailed information about proALPHA Business Intelligence in this PDF.

    The Highlights of proALPHA Business Intelligence

    • Easy-to-use BI tools tailored to the needs of SMEs
    • Specific functions for managers, department heads, and specialists
    • Up-to-date information and sound decision-making thanks to interactive business cockpits, even on the road
    • Standard reports generated from the Information System at the push of a button
    • Early warning system for critical KPIs
    • Effortless creation of complex analyses using the proALPHA Analyzer

    Standard Reporting with the Info System

    The proALPHA Information System provides you with reliable reports you frequently need in your daily work, such as reports on daily sales and current stock. It enables managers, department heads and specialists to answer any questions arising in their field of responsibility in next to no time. An early warning system automatically calculates KPIs such as delivery reliability, liquidity ratio and scrap rate and issues warnings if KPIs become critical.

    Business Cockpits for Any Division

    Guided Analytics helps you identify deviations and trends fast. proALPHA features six standard cockpits for purchasing, materials management, production, sales, finance, and open items. Enterprise cockpits are available for customer relationship management (CRM), cost accounting, and income accounting.

    proALPHA Business Intelligence provides relevant information in an optimum format for sound decision-making.

    Interactive Dashboards

    The cockpits feature powerful dashboards with which specialists can check the figures of their field of responsibility, even when they are on the road. The interactive applications offer drill down functions to analyze KPIs in detail. Various data sources may be included in the analyses.

    Intuitive Navigation Through Large Data Volumes with the proALPHA Analyzer

    The proALPHA Analyzer is the tool of choice for answering specific questions. It enables controllers and specialists to carry out complex analyses and reveal connections even if they are not skilled in programming.

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