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    Proper materials management is the best basis for optimally organized corporate logistics. It maps the whole material and value flow across all divisions of your company and reliably provides the required materials. Using the proALPHA ERP module of materials management, you schedule, plan, control, store and transport your material in a networked system.

    Functionality and more

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    • Efficient MRP intensifies processes
    • Synchronized quantity and value flow for maximum cost transparency
    • Supports every type of storage
    • Lots, serial numbers and product files identify every part
    • Customized analyses reveal significant information
    • Future-oriented MPS
    proALPHA Materialwirtschaft

    The advantages of materials management with proALPHA

    The advantages of materials management with proALPHA

    The proALPHA ERP module of materials management supports various MRP methods to help you with optimal stock keeping. The inventory control system adapts to the structures of your company and handles both random warehouse management and stock keeping with fixed locations.

    • Flexible (pre)staging – optimum material supply
    • Optimum support for any storage type
    • Clear identification of products, components and packages
    • Retrace processes through to posting level

    In addition to the standard warehouses, proALPHA is capable of mapping special storage areas like restricted storage areas, receiving storage areas, external storage areas, transit warehouses, and consignment warehouses. This gives you an optimal overview of the current storage location and the lot that contains the product concerned. If required, you can differentiate the stock even further.

    The fully integrated packaging management enables the continuous and clear identification of all packages registered in it.

    The integrated proALPHA finance module identically records your stock and any changes in stock in financial accounting and cost accounting. Your data stay consistent and can be traced through to the posting level.

    "proALPHA streamlines our warehouse management processes and is even able to handle small order quantities."

    Emanuel Fischer, head of EDP, Bauwaren Mahler

    Versatile functions: materials management in proALPHA ERP

    Stay on top of your stock

    proALPHA ERP provides different valuation rates so you can valuate your stock as required. For your own products, you can use freely definable valuation schemes that are based on national and international standards.

    proALPHA maps the complete stock on hand, changes in stock, and material consumptions in the ERP modules, thereby ensuring that accounting and controlling are always up-to-date. It also establishes a synchronized quantity and value flow throughout your company. If required, you can first simulate the impact on the balance sheet with the ERP software before the valuations are finally transmitted to accounting.

    Practical warehouse management based on lot and serial numbers

    Seamless tracing of the components and assemblies in a product is indispensable, not only in the case of a customer complaint. proALPHA ERP for inventory control features reliable lot management which provides information at the push of a button.

    Serial numbers are assigned to each part to clearly identify them. They belong to the product file, which records any information on the specific product. This is beneficial for repairing and retooling as you know exactly what replacement parts your customers need.

    Convenient staging, even on mobile devices

    Save time and effort thanks to the reasonable staging suggestions by proALPHA. The inventory management software ensures that all your employees find their way about the different warehouses regardless of the form of inventory management you use (e.g., random warehouse management, lot mix, CRO-based procurement). Benefit from the demand-oriented bundling of your goods, which makes them quickly available. The sequential documents necessary for further processing are automatically generated by the ERP software.

    Do you want to use mobile devices in warehouse logistics? Then proALPHA has the right ERP solution for you – web-based, mobile and powerful.

    proALPHA ERP – All Processes at a Glance

    Save time with MRP and inventory-taking

    Speed up your processes with powerful MRP and automatically generated order suggestions. This is possible even though MRP might be separated from the specialist departments in your company's organizational structure. In this case, proALPHA uses a two-tier process that respects the processes in your company.

    The ERP module of materials management makes statutory inventory-taking easy for you. You can choose between cycle counting and an annual inventory. The software takes care of these tasks in the background, so that you can continue to record postings and storage processes without any disruptions in your daily business. The workload for inventory-taking is reduced to a minimum thanks to the smart choice of counting methods and defined triggers.

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