ERP Implementation Tools

    Tried and Tested Tools Improve Project Quality

    proALPHA consultants draw on the experience gained from more than 1,800 ERP implementation projects. The implementation method proMETHEUS supports them in their work by providing numerous tools and templates. All project team members use the software goLive! to complete project management tasks. Business processes are modeled and documented by means of the proALPHA Business Process Designer (GPD). Both tools remain in use after the system went live. This allows any organizational changes, updates and other projects to be fully documented and traced.

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    Tried and Tested Tools for Successful ERP Implementation

    • Tools and templates ensure quality.
    • Joint project management tool provides maximum transparency.
    • More than 800 work packages and templates allow fast implementation.
    • Processes can be conveniently modeled and optimized using the Business Process Designer.
    • Data from legacy systems can be effortlessly migrated.
    • The Test Case Manager organizes and documents all steps that have been accepted.
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    Project Management with proALPHA goLive!

    The project management tool goLive! is oriented towards work and tasks and ensures successful ERP implementation. The central platform for project work promotes cooperation between team members. Regular synchronization ensures that all project team members have up-to-date information on the current status of a project.  

    Project Management with proALPHA goLive! at a Glance:
    • Detailed project schedules show which tasks have to be completed and help kick off projects fast.
    • Tasks and dates are managed based on roles.
    • Gantt charts with milestones create a clear overview.
    • More than 800 templates and check lists are provided by default.
    • Documents are stored in the fully integrated document management system and can be accessed fast.
    • Costs can be monitored during the entire course of a project to complete it within budget.

    Business Process Designer

    Each project starts with an analysis of the individual business processes in the divisions of a company.

    As a next step, organizational structures and business processes are mapped and modeled by means of the proALPHA Business Process Designer (GPD). Standard process models support you in designing the target processes.

    The proALPHA GPD at a Glance:
    • Organization and process models can be created at any stage of the project.
    • Potential for optimization and alternate processes are highlighted.
    • Existing interfaces are illustrated.
    • The basis for integrated organizational documentation and a QA manual is provided.

    Implementation Method

    proMETHEUS is proALPHA's implementation method. It has been geared to the ERP solution and is developed further on an ongoing basis.

    "proALPHA provides us with products and services from a single source and offers an efficient implementation method."

    Carsten Woker, Head of ERP, STRACK NORMA

    Data Migration

    Master files are involved in almost all business processes. They need to be accurate and complete after their migration in order to avoid errors. If you decide to migrate your data, you should ask yourself which data you want to transfer and how. proALPHA features automatic, tool-based and manual migration to optimally support you.

    The proALPHA Migration Manager at a Glance:
    • Automated transfer of legacy data
    • Migration of master files and current transaction data
    • Minimum risk at the go-live
    • Detection of duplicates
    • Less manual work in follow-up processes

    Test Case Manager

    Together with your consultants, you define the processes that are to be tested. Test cases are set up and a schedule is created to define the time and the specialist responsible for a test case. All results are documented in the test case manager. Specialists receive automatic notifications of errors so that they can analyze and remove them swiftly.

    The Test Case Manager at a Glance:
    • The project quality is measurably improved.
    • Test cases and related tasks are documented.
    • All project team members have information on current problems at hand.
    • The solutions provided in each delivered version are documented as well.