proALPHA Implementation Method

    Tried and True Methods for Successful Projects

    The implementation of an ERP system is a highly complex project that has to be carefully planned and controlled. proALPHA has therefore developed its own implementation method proMETHEUS Fast Track. proMETHEUS Fast Track is based on a standardized implementation process that features defined phases and project tasks. It serves as a guideline during the entire course of the project and ensures that objectives such as deadlines, budget and quality are met.

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    Making Your Implementation Project a Success ─ proMETHEUS Fast Track at a Glance

    • Defined and documented goals
    • Structured and tested procedures
    • Predefined documents on concepts and proALPHA best practices
    • Professional project management
    • Support by your ERP provider
    • Transparency throughout the entire company
    • Qualified project team
    ERP Beratung proALPHA Einführung

    Project Organization

    Each project committee is built up on equal terms. This ensures that an ERP project is accepted by both parties, remains transparent and is pushed forward accordingly. The steering committee is composed of the customer's executive board and a proALPHA CEO. Its members define strategic project goals and make important decisions. Moreover, the steering committee supervises the project board, which is composed of one of the customer's project leaders and a proALPHA project leader. The project board defines milestones and is responsible for scheduling, supervising the team, and reporting.

    A Project Team with Great Responsibility

    The project team is made up of proALPHA consultants and, most importantly, the customer's key users. They have an essential role in the project: Since they participate already in the concept phase, they take an active part in designing the future ERP system. Moreover, during the implementation phase, they are responsible for passing relevant information on to all other users, for training them, and for testing the software. In the course of the entire project, the transparent activity management of proALPHA ensures that all team members are informed about each other's tasks and related deadlines. Thanks to continuous controlling, the budget can be checked at any stage of the project.

    "The combination of proALPHA software and services was perfect for us. Be it the project manager or steering committee, all proALPHA team members and our core team were on the same page in every aspect. This contributed significantly to the success of the project."

    Thomas Meister, CEO, Meister Abrasives AG

    Implementation Strategy

    The implementation strategy sets the course for a project. proMETHEUS Fast Track can map a big bang or rollout strategy as well as a process-oriented or function-oriented approach. The strategies differ in duration, risk, effort required for (temporary) interfaces, required resources, and workload. Prior to the project start, proALPHA will advise you on the strategy that is best suited for your company.


    A defined procedure forms the basis of proMETHEUS Fast Track. It is the framework of each project and includes everything from the process map to specifications. A variety of model processes are already available. Best practices on how to map a process in proALPHA have also been defined. Moreover, industry templates and numerous other concept documents ensure that project teams draw on the experience gained from earlier installations. Comprehensive training is a key factor, too. Be it seminars, workshops or end user training documents, proALPHA will provide you with everything you need in the course of a project.

    ERP Implementation Tools

    Tried and tested tools for project management, process design, data migration and test management ensure smooth project implementation.