ERP Audit

    Strive for Continuous Improvement

    Your ERP system has to keep up with your pace, whether your company is experiencing growth or confronted with new technologies and legal regulations. Regular reviews ensure that your investment realizes its full potential in the long term and always supports your business processes optimally. Systematic analysis of processes, data, IT systems and the organizational structure is key here. This yields a detailed evaluation of your company's potential and helps you determine the measures you need to take for improvement, with a clear focus on cost effectiveness.

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    Put to the Test ─ ERP Audit at a Glance

    • Systematic analysis of processes, data, IT systems, and organizational structure
    • Detection of flaws and assessment of their effects
    • Identification of potential for improvement in the short and medium term using an ERP Maturity Level matrix
    • Use of proALPHA best practices
    • Prioritization of optimization measures to achieve quick wins
    • Constant increase in your ERP system's return on investment (ROI)
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    Make Full Use of Your ERP System

    proALPHA regularly carries out systematic ERP audits to determine the factors that are key to the optimum use of an ERP system. You define the scope of this analysis, which might include business processes, master files, the organizational structure, system landscape, and other. This allows you to identify possible cost savings and potential for optimization. 

    Integration of External Systems

    Working with several systems entails implementing numerous interfaces. This article shows you how you can reduce maintenance effort and avoid duplicates.

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    Regular ERP audits help you make full use of your ERP system. proALPHA's Maturity Level matrix shows you how well you are using the software.

    Identify Potential for Improvement

    proALPHA's ERP Maturity Level matrix is geared to the identification of potential for improvement in the short and medium term. It allows systematic increase in the ERP system's efficiency. This can be achieved with workflows reducing efforts and cycle times and with the integration of processes and partial processes into the ERP system in order to streamline them.

    Make Sound Decisions and Measure Success

    proALPHA consultants draw on the experience gained from more than 1,800 ERP implementation projects to support you in achieving your goals. The tool-based implementation method enables you to make sound decisions on the measures to be taken. This also allows you to measure your success. Regular ERP reviews help you get the most out of your ERP system over time.


    Ensure compliance: proALPHA supports you in adjusting your processes and ERP system.

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