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Why Hidden Champion Uses proALPHA as Central Data Hub

Reading Time: 3 Minutes 12.02.2024 Currents & Trends

How the BMK Group is launching into the future with proALPHA

Our customer BMK is not only one of the top 10 players in Germany, they also play in the premier league of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) on an international level. Find out how the hidden champion still manages to stay on top of everything and remain successful in the long term despite the dynamic market environment.

BMK Group GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Augsburg is a true hidden champion. The mid-market company that is specialized in manufacturing electronic components keeps on growing. Thanks to innovative strategies and the implementation of proALPHA ERP, BMK has reached annual growth rates of more than 10 percent since 1994. That's an impressive performance in such a challenging market environment. 

No wonder BMK have grown into an internationally acknowledged market leader. And that's not all: BMK want to remain successful in the long term. "Our roots as a contract manufacturer lie in the manufacturing of electronic assemblies," explains Dr. Bärbel Götz, managing director of BMK. 

"We've developed a wide range of services around this core offering, with which we can support our customers throughout the life cycle of their electronic products upon request," she adds. This includes the idea and development of the product itself, as well as prototyping, establishing a supply chain, production, continuous quality monitoring, and after-sales services, which is all covered by BMK.

proALPHA ERP: The nerve center of BMK

The development from a simple manufacturing provider to a comprehensive service provider was driven by the early implementation of proALPHA ERP, among other things. The industry in which BMK operates is particularly data-hungry and data-driven, especially in supply chain management and demand planning.

Therefore, proALPHA's Electronics & High-Tech industry component has played and continues to play a central role at BMK. It's tailored to the electronics and high-tech industry and can be customized by means of various parameters. The application, which is integrated into the comprehensive proALPHA ERP solution, goes way beyond a conventional software solution at BMK. It has become the nerve center as a platform for data processing and analysis.

One of the main functionalities of proALPHA ERP that BMK uses is the blanket order for MRP. This tools helps the company to intelligently determine the secondary demands for supplier components based on the customers' primary demands, and navigate them efficiently through the purchasing process. Moreover, it allows BMK to react efficiently and flexibly to market conditions. 

Industry solution par excellence

BMK also uses proALPHA ERP for advanced alternate parts management. This is extremely important to the business since it's common in electronics manufacturing that components are discontinued or their specifications change. proALPHA ERP enables BMK to proactively react to these challenges by identifying alternatives and analyzing the impact on customer projects. 

The importance of predictive component management and intelligent demand planning is not to be underestimated at BMK. Success shows that it's working perfectly, despite many challenges. 

And BMK is not standing still. The company is planning to further exploit proALPHA ERP's potential. Future developments like mobile working with proALPHA ray, the expansion of production planning, and the modernization of the shop floor systems are just some of the ideas BMK wants to drive with the help of proALPHA. 

proALPHA lights the way

What's the takeaway? BMK's journey shows that the use of proALPHA ERP greatly contributes to a company's success. With the right technology and strategic foresight, small and mid-sized enterprises can become global players. And proALPHA guides them on this path.

BMK can always count on that. Continuous innovation and the determination to use technologies efficiently make BMK a hidden champion in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Here's to the hidden champions of the German mid-market segment. It's proALPHA's passion and mission to help these companies remain successful. After all, German economy also relies on them. And proALPHA lights their way.

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