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proALPHA ray: Mobile ERP Solution in the Browser

Reading Time: 4 Minutes 14.08.2023 Currents & Trends

New web user interface to add more flexibility and scalability

We're happy to announce the general availability of our web-based ERP solution proALPHA ray. Users now have mobile access to our ERP application – at any time and from almost any end device. This way, customers benefit from greater flexibility and scalability for their business models. The new web user interface can be used intuitively, which significantly enhances the user experience. proALPHA ray is a real breakthrough. It's a technological milestone for us and our customers.

Cloud solutions have become an integral part of the IT strategies of mid-market manufacturing companies. They help companies to meet the increasing demands of the global and highly competitive market. The focus is mainly on hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, which significantly increase the flexibility and agility of the IT infrastructure.

Our mobile, web-based solution proALPHA ray helps companies advance step by step in their cloud transformation as it allows users to flexibly access the ERP solution in the web browser no matter where and when. This enables users to access the ERP system from anywhere and at any time. proALPHA ray was not implemented as a cloud-only solution; it offers customers a hybrid cloud model.

proALPHA ray as the gateway to the hybrid cloud world

The solution allows for efficient and seamless upgrades and also for the continued use of existing proALPHA business processes. Moreover, proALPHA ray paves the way to the smart integration of further cloud services for mid-market manufacturing companies. Hybrid cloud models are easily implemented. There is no need to reimplement or even customize existing business processes. Furthermore, the proALPHA ray system landscape is easy to scale both in the private cloud and on-premises solution, without requiring more technological or personnel resources.

Since it is not necessary to install software clients or maintain terminal servers, proALPHA ray also helps you cut your administration costs. You don't even need Citrix licenses anymore. Users can continue to use existing interaction paradigms and business processes, which means they require only little training or no training at all. Moreover, intelligent session management significantly facilitates the login to the ERP system. This does not only save time but also enhances the user experience. The familiar usability and the multi-window concept of existing proALPHA ERP installations are retained.

The first feedback from our pilot users confirms that the development of a mobile ERP application has hit our customer's pain point.Rene Jung, Director of Group IT at Roschmann Group, says: "proALPHA ray has convinced us especially in terms of stability, functionality and performance. Our conclusion: the web-based proALPHA ERP is simply faster than the classic client."

"We've tested proALPHA ray in CRM, sales, purchasing, financial accounting, production and materials management and are now using it productively," says Daniel Tiefenhoff, CIO at CitrinSolar GmbH. "proALPHA ray has clear advantages when it comes to handling different types of end devices and it can be made available very quickly and flexibly. We also expect significant cost benefits as we cut down on RDS licenses and remote desktop servers. Some users have taken to proALPHA ray so much that they don't want to miss it anymore and even stopped using the classic client altogether."


"We're used to being able to access information no matter where and when in our private lives. And users are increasingly expecting this from their working environment, too. Business software must provide users working remotely with all relevant business data. With proALPHA ray, we're bringing this option to the proALPHA ERP system."

Otmar Zewald, Head of Product Management bei proALPHA

Otmar Zewald adds: "proALPHA ray doesn't force users to rely on a cloud-only strategy. It's more of a mix & match integration, where they can put together functionalities and services like Embedded BI or NEMO from the private cloud, web or on-premises solution. With proALPHA ray, we keep pace with our customer's progress in digitalization and not vice versa."

New web user interface benefits from HTML5 features

proALPHA ray's web user interface comes with an innovative light and dark theme that increases the contrast between background, text, font size and other layout factors, thereby enhancing the user experience. proALPHA's familiar and popular user interface is still available; the modern design supports the latest version of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Thanks to the full implementation in HTML5, proALPHA ray acts independently of the operating system and can be used directly in the browser without a client installation. All central business processes are controlled from there – with significantly enhanced reliability and performance.

'Back to the future' with proALPHA ray

Otmar Zewald concludes: "proALPHA ray is a significant technological innovation for us. Its design and performance will be gradually developed further. We're looking forward to receiving more feedback from our early adopters, in addition to the ideas we've already included in the current development version. On this basis we will develop the user interface of the future: a new user experience with ground-breaking technology – role-based, context-sensitive and from the cloud."

Learn more from Daniel Schüllner (Product Manager Usability and Mobile at proALPHA) in the ERP+ podcast of the proALPHA Group (only available in German):

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