Business Software for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises

    Reach Your Goals Efficiently

    What is it that makes SMEs that successful? It's their ability to quickly adapt to changes in the market and surrounding conditions. This gives them an edge over competition.

    To achieve this, they need to continuously transform their business processes and organization to keep pace with the increasingly rapid development in the market. Business software plays a major role in this.

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    proALPHA ERP – A Mid-Sized Partner for Mid-Sized Enterprises

    We Are at Your Side from the Beginning

    proALPHA is a German provider of business software. As we, too, are a mid-sized company, this makes us the perfect partner for you!

    We Are Just Like You

    We know our way around mid-sized companies, because we're one of them.

    We Understand You

    We know the challenges SMEs are facing, because we are facing them everyday, too. At our company and at our customers' companies.

    We Are Experienced

    We are deeply familiar with the processes of SMEs. After all, they are our processes, too.

    We Are the Right Match for You

    We are about your size. We communicate with you on the same level.

    ERP System: the Backbone of the Digital Transformation in SMEs

    It is our aim to make the whole company more productive with the ERP solution for SMEs by proALPHA.

    • All business processes become digital without any interruption: from production to financial accounting, from purchasing to service, from product development to account management.
    • A consistent and coherent data flow within the company and beyond; between systems and locations; with partners, suppliers and customers.
    • Optimized and automated processes reduce administrative work and processing times, make repeated work obsolete, and increase the quality and reliability of processes.
    • Benefit from more effective company control: a seamless, transparent flow of information ensures efficient processes and returns consistent, up-to-date and complete data as a basis for decision-making.

    The business software by proALPHA is an industry-specific, hands-on solution for SMEs that grows with your requirements.

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    Industry-Specific ERP Solution for SMEs

    The proALPHA business software focuses on small and mid-sized enterprises in the manufacturing, trading and service industry. To optimally handle the specifics of each industry, we offer ERP modules that are tailored exactly to the respective requirements. Benefit from our valuable know-how of the industry as these modules also include best practices. This saves time in the implementation that can be better used for other matters.


    Let proALPHA Mobilize You

    No matter where and when: discover the benefits of mobile working with any device

    More and more SMEs are equipping their people with mobile devices. And their success proves them right: employees, line managers and managing directors benefit from accelerated processes and an increased transparency, be it in Logistics, Production, Sales, Service, or other divisions. Your international subsidiaries will benefit from this, too. Mobilize your business processes now! Here you can learn how it's done and how you will benefit from it.

    Well Advised – With the proALPHA Business Software

    Take your ERP system to the next level! The business software by proALPHA is the right tool for you. Our experts know what SMEs really need, because we're an SME, too. Your personal consultant will answer all your questions about how to become more efficient with the ERP software.

    • We do the groundwork: The implementation of the proALPHA ERP system is the basis for your success.
    • We guide you: Keep on trusting your own IT. Our team will help you anytime if you have any questions or issues.
    • We optimize your processes: We take care of the ERP software and the further optimization of your processes so that the systems and processes become one.
    • We support your infrastructure: Are you planning to invest in new system technology to operate your proALPHA business software? Then we can give you a first advice!


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