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proALPHA Release 9: Integration Is the Key to Success

Reading Time: 4 Minutes 26.04.2022 Currents & Trends

What the proALPHA ERP+ solutions offer you in version 9

With the latest release, we pave the way for a shared technology platform that is going to unite the solutions of all group companies. The new version conti-nues to assist customers from technical wholesale and discrete manufacturing with best practices of the industry and secures their competitiveness by offering them web access.

A shared platform for the quick integration of applications

Together with our group companies we have a common goal: providing SMEs with leading technologies to digitalize their business processes and to give them a competitive edge in the continuing transformation process.

To achieve this goal, we are currently developing a technology platform that provides the infrastructure for hosting the solutions and the methodology for integrating the proALPHA solutions in this platform. For this purpose, the various application services like single sign-on, reporting and document management are combined to a standard version on the basis of FOSS (free and open-source software). Users will access the platform through role-based landing pages that offer a uniform user experience.

The open technology platform is free of lock-in effects: "Our customers have an application landscape of 25 applications on average. They'll soon be able to also integrate and operate best-of-breed solutions by third parties without difficulties," says Otmar Zewald, Head of Product Management at proALPHA.

New technologies for more security, scalability and flexibility

proALPHA version 9 runs on the latest version of the Progress platform, Open Edge 12 and now uses technologies for containerization that not only significantly simplify proALPHA products but also enable a more scalable and secure development.

A whole new functionality, proALPHA ray, takes the ERP system to the web. proALPHA ray allows you to use proALPHA on any common end device anywhere and anytime without having to install a client. As this is a new technology, ray is going to be implemented step by step. It'll only be available to selected customer groups for now. The interaction will be further optimized and designed with a stronger focus on roles in the upcoming releases to increase the efficiency in the long term and enable more well-founded business decisions.

Seamlessly integrated ERP+ solutions for more competitiveness

Thanks to the seamless integration of curecomp's cloud-native solution into the proALPHA ERP system, version 9 provides you with a new module for strategic procurement. The solution comprises a supplier portal that you can use to collaborate with your suppliers on tenders and procurement contracts. It also enables proALPHA customers to further digitalize their procure-to-pay process and reduce costs by increasing the efficiency. The module for strategic procurement is based on the proven cloud-native solution by the proALPHA group company curecomp and has been deeply integrated into proALPHA ERP.

The group company Böhme & Weihs adds a leading quality management product (CAQ) to our portfolio. The solution allows you to synchronize product and supplier data for quality development processes like FMEA and PPAP. Furthermore, the leading quality assurance modules by Böhme & Weihs allows you to integrate quality inspections for the goods you produce, receive or ship. And this is only the first step as the integration of further processes like complaint management is already in progress.

Shorter release cycles and microservices for smoother upgrades

Version 9 is the first proALPHA ERP software release to follow a completely new approach. "We move away from big, disruptive releases without predictable release dates toward a release train with smaller, better manageable upgrades at a steady rhythm," says Zewald.

"We want to fully automate the updates and make sure that our customers don't have more than 1 hour of downtime",

Otmar Zewald, Head of Product Management at proALPHA


We also steer the technological development of our ERP system toward a microservice architecture. Previously, you had to update the entire ERP system in case of changes to a single area. This problem is solved by microservices which update only those parts of the software where you want or need an update.

This way, you can easily combine cloud applications with on-premises applications. The integration of the modules for strategic procurement and quality management is the first step toward a technological focus on microservices with mix & match functionality.

proALPHA version 9 enables mid-market manufacturing companies to benefit from product innovations even faster, react to new market and technology opportunities early on and secure their competitiveness in the long term.

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