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How to Find the Right Team for Your Digitalization Project

Reading Time: 2 Minutes 04.01.2022 Currents & Trends

What traits of a team are essential to a successful digital transformation?

In the B2B domain, too, people are the most important asset of a company. But what traits do the team members need when they want to successfully tackle the digitalization of their company? And what effects does a major digitalization project have on the employees? We've asked Petra Henn, head of our HR team, about this.

Petra Henn
Head of HR at proALPHA

  1. What is the role of HR in winning over employees for a digitalization project?
    Most candidates and employees are already carrying a bag fully packed with a lot of of curiosity and know-how regarding topics like digitalization, Industry 4.0, and state-of-the-art technology. We stuff some more information about proALPHA into this bag, for instance the digital processes that we already take for granted and the new projects that are pending digitalization.
  2. How does the HR team help proALPHA advance in the digital transformation?
    We provide them with a continuous stream of information from the management about the corporate development and changes within the proALPHA Group. An extensive offer of training and blended learning strengthens competencies, whereas the option to switch between teams and departments helps the people to develop on a personal level. Individual persons may even take on challenging special tasks and projects, or get deployed to other offices in Europe or abroad, for instance to China or the U.S. Development programs for managers and managers to-be top off our training portfolio.
  3. In what way do digitalization projects affect the whole team's motivation to work?
    To us, digitalization is a matter of course in our working environment. It would be quite interesting, however, to measure this.
    When we tackle new digitalization projects, we tend to put more focus on the workload involved than on the benefits. Later, people are quite happy, saying "this is awesome".
  4. What are the traits of a strong team in a digitalization project?
    Diversity is surely one of them. It's important that everyone keeps in mind the overall goal as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the other team members. This combination makes it possible for them to reach their goal.
  5. What competencies are crucial to team members and project leaders in order for them to successfully complete their digitalization initiatives?
    Most of all, I'd say: curiosity, IT affinity, cooperation and communication skills, perseverance, and team spirit.
  6. How can HR teams motivate "digitalization objectors" to keep the course for digitalization?
    Of course, it's one way to show them the advantages. Another option is to offer them help and training. Some might not even be aware that digitalization is also on the rise in their private life. In my view, it would be a big drawback if people didn't stay on top of it up to an old age.

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