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  • proALPHA to expand portfolio with cloud-based ERP for metalworking companies with mainly up to 100 employees.

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proALPHA to expand portfolio with cloud-based ERP for metalworking companies with mainly up to 100 employees.

Reading Time: 2 Minutes 13.06.2024 Currents & Trends

proALPHA goes Benelux: ERP expert acquires Dutch Metaal Kennis Groep BV (MKG), thus supplementing its ERP offering in the metalworking industry, mainly focusing on companies with up to 100 employees 

Weilerbach, June 13, 2024 – The proALPHA Group, one of the leading providers of ERP+ software solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises, is strengthening its presence and expertise in the metalworking industry for the core customer segment of up to 100 employees. With MKG, proALPHA group is going to bring the number one player in the Dutch ERP market to the DACH region, thereby gaining new market shares in the field of metalworking companies. The acquisition reflects a strategic decision on both sides, bringing industry leaders from two different customer size segments together. MKG will continue to operate in its target markets and carry on its success story in the DACH region under the current management team.  

The acquisition also represents the first acquisition outside the DACH region and is thus the first step toward the consistent implementation of a sustainable internationalization strategy.  

"This acquisition is truly transformational for us. With MKG, we not only welcome on board the top player in its respective market in the Netherlands, but also build on MKG’s track record in Germany," says Eric Verniaut, CEO of the proALPHA Group. proALPHA ERP and MKG have a complementary portfolio that allows to target different customer sizes in the same industry: MKG will mainly focus on DACH companies below 100 FTE and proALPHA operates above that threshold," says Verniaut 

"We are perfectly positioned to accelerate MKG’s internationalization strategy to DACH and make them as successful as they are in the Netherlands. We are also very pleased that the experienced and successful management team will accompany and support the further development."

Eric Verniaut, CEO, proALPHA



Headquartered in Hengelo, Netherlands, the company has been developing and implementing user-friendly, highly scalable and standard ERP software for 24 years with around 70 highly qualified employees, designed for both cloud and on-premises operations for businesses in the metalworking industry. Besides having the same industry focus, proALPHA and MKG share a common technological basis with Progress Software. From their headquarters in Hengelo, the activities of MKG extend to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. More than 800 active customers put their trust in MKG's innovative ERP solutions.  

"I see great growth potential for MKG together with proALPHA. We have found the right partner to boost our internationalization strategy in DACH and collaborate on innovation and technology," emphasizes Henk Abbring, CEO of MKG BV, looking forward to the new partnership together with the entire management team. 

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