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proALPHA Acquires Persis GmbH

Reading Time: 3 Minutes 17.10.2023 Currents & Trends

- ERP+ expert strengthens its portfolio in human capital management

- Persis becomes part of the proALPHA Group

- Comprehensive HR ecosystem together with tisoware and proALPHA ERP

Weilerbach, 17. October 2023 - The proALPHA Group, one of the leading providers of ERP+ software solutions for mid-market manufacturing companies, has acquired Persis GmbH and thus added human capital management (HCM) to its portfolio. With this acquisition, the proALPHA Group initiates the development of a joint, group-wide strategy for HR processes. Persis' comprehensive product portfolio and expertise, for example with regard to digital personnel records, applicant management and talent management, in combination with tisoware's leading solutions for time management and access and building security, creates an overall integrated workforce portfolio that includes the seamless connection to the proALPHA ERP system.

Persis GmbH is headquartered in Heidenheim with additional bases in Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Berlin and Münster. Over the past 35 years it has become one of the leading providers of innovative human resource software solutions. Its customers include well-known names like Helvetia, Dachser, Currenta, Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten, Connex, apoBank and Fairtrade Germany. More than 1.2 million users currently rely on the HCM expert.

Extended solution portfolio addresses market demand for digital HR solutions

 The acquisition of Persis – as a logical next step for the long-term partnership with the proALPHA group company tisoware – strengthens the proALPHA portfolio in human capital management and creates value-added synergy effects: On the one hand, shared customers provide a very good basis for further scaling. On the other hand, the demand for technologies used by companies to meet the shortage of specialists and the ever-changing requirements for transformation-supporting systems of employees and applicants has significantly increased.

"As one of the market leaders in the segment of integrated providers for HR solutions, Persis has achieved a strong position in the mid-market as well as among enterprise customers," says Eric Verniaut, CEO at the proALPHA Group. "Persis' expertise and solution portfolio perfectly complement the portfolio of our group company tisoware and thus also enhance the ERP+ portfolio of proALPHA with innovative solutions in applicant management, talent management and human resources. Persis is a great asset to our ERP+ innovation platform and will help us strengthen our leading position in the market."

Eric Verniaut, CEO proALPHA Group



The acquisition also offers the proALPHA Group a chance to enter new markets together and further promote the company's growth in the DACH region.

"Persis was looking for a company that creates strategic growth as well as synergies. We are convinced that with proALPHA we have now found the right partner with whom we can successfully shape our future together."

Kolb family, management and shareholders of Persis GmbH



With Persis' intelligent HR modules for applicant management, human resources managers, digital personnel records, talent management, training and training managers, which can be used as standalones and expanded at any time, proALPHA adds innovative HR solutions to its ERP+ portfolio. proALPHA now focuses even more on the needs of its customers to transform the traditional administrative functions of human resources into ways to promote commitment, productivity and goodwill.

"By bundling the expertise of tisoware and Persis, we create a uniquely comprehensive HR ecosystem for our customers," says Markus Steiberger, CEO at tisoware. "Together with solutions for access and building security (Security) and for optimizing production processes (MES) in the context of Industry 4.0, we offer an overall workforce portfolio for medium-sized enterprises in the DACH region. Moreover, the acquisition provides us with the great opportunity to directly address new markets and potentials that we were previously not able to address."

Markus Steinberger, Geschäftsführer bei tisoware




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