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Seek, and Ye Shall Find ‒ In the Blink of an Eye Thanks to the DMS

Reading Time: 3 Minutes 09.08.2022 Currents & Trends

Why a document management system is worthwhile for your company

Contracts, invoices, documents ‒ the bureaucratic overhead in companies is constantly growing, and so is the paper archive. Various studies show that between 40 and 60 percent of the working time is lost due to manual document management alone. The search for a single document takes 18 minutes on average. In addition, paper also requires environmental and financial resources. WWF revealed that almost every second industrially cut tree is made into paper, and the production of one kilogram of paper requires up to 100 liters of fresh water and a lot of energy.

But how can you avoid paper piles in the future and how can you design your workflows more efficiently? A first step toward the digital future is a reliable document management system (DMS) that seamlessly integrates into the processes of your company.

A quick find instead of a long search ‒ thanks to the document management system

The financial accounting department is usually the first one to press for a DMS. Every day, they handle tax-relevant documents such as purchase orders, shipping documents, and invoices, which must be processed, stored, and archived according to the applicable accounting principles. Companies often rely on isolated solutions such as paper folders or local drives that are not accessible across departments or locations. This can quickly lead to problems, for example if the auditors cannot directly access the necessary information during the next audit.

A central DMS solution not only helps your employees archive documents, but also makes the documents available throughout your company. Using the respective keyword, they can find the right document in the blink of an eye and then release it digitally. The introduction of a document management system allows your teams to work together even if they are located far apart ‒ which is becoming increasingly important in times where team members work from home or different locations abroad.

DMS and compliance – a perfect match

The accounting principles stipulate that postings and records like issued tax-relevant documents may not be subsequently modified. They must be stored in such a way that modifications can be seamlessly retraced or that they cannot be modified at all. The DMS solution by proALPHA helps you comply with these regulations easily and efficiently. It can also be used to create a process documentation for the audit, which can then be used by the auditor.

Another advantage of the software is the possibility to assign keywords: Each electronic document is indexed with a standardized keyword which can then be used to quickly find it in the software's native search. The document stays indexed for the whole retention period, which is at least 10 years for business documents.

Preserve resources and protect the environment

Environment management is becoming ever more important to many companies. One approach here is the paperless office. Not only does this improve the company's environmental balance, it also reduces carbon emissions. Less paper also means less costs: printer supplies like toner, the devices themselves and their maintenance might even become a thing of the past just as the space required for archiving all the paper documents. And it gets even better: some governments even entice companies in their countries to sustainably digitalize their business, for example the digitalization program "Digital Jetzt – Investitionsförderung für KMU" (roughly "Digital Now ‒ Investment Incentive for SMEs") in Germany, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

Use the implementation of a DMS solution as the kick-off for your company's digitalization. By establishing the implementation as a company-wide project, you make it a top priority. Our tip for you: think big, even as an SME!

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