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Digital Heartbeat: Christoph Kull's ERP+ Visions for proALPHA

Reading Time: 2 Minutes 06.06.2024 Currents & Trends

In the newest episode of "Digital genial" (only available in German), Christoph Kull, the new ERP+ President at proALPHA, talks about his plans and visions for the digitalization of SMEs. Along with his extensive experience, he brings in-depth knowledge and strategic insights.

"I'm very happy to be a part of proALPHA and to be able to share my experiences gained in my previous positions," says Christoph Kull, the new ERP+ President. A key aspect of his new role is the strategic orientation of the proALPHA Group.

"Our goal is to create a group of software companies that together offer the maximum added value," Kull emphasizes. His focus is on the integration of all products and solutions to ensure uniform and optimized customer service.

"There is only one Christoph"

"We need to make our platform and technology, but also our teams and processes cleaner and more rigorous, and implement customer centricity throughout the Group," he explains. That's a match! After all, Kull is known for his ability to establish successful team structures. "We need the best people and we believe in diversity – the more divers the team, the better the output. Transparency, trust and high responsiveness are crucial to me," states Kull. 

He emphasizes the importance of operational cooperation without losing sight of the strategic goals. In his private life, Kull is a family man and sports fan who finds a healthy balance between professional and private challenges. It's very important to him to stay true to himself. 

"There is only one Christoph. I'm the same person, be it at work or at home."

Christoph Kull, President ERP+, proALPHA



His leadership style is characterized by his international experience and his sports background: "Discipline, rituals, and the focus on the big goal have helped me grow both in sports and in my career." Kull sees great potential in the future of proALPHA: "We want to expand our portfolio, tap into new industries and become international.. Technologies like GenAI and the metaverse will play a major role in this."


"Respect and humility should always be guidelines"

In particular, he emphasizes the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for German SMEs: "AI will support our SMEs in the international competition and open up new possibilities." Finally, Kull shares valuable advice with young talents: "Be curious and humble. Respect and humility should always be your guidelines. Leadership develops with experience and cultural diversity is a big advantage – for both the company and the personal CV."

You can listen to the whole interview and further interesting stories surrounding the digitalization of SMEs in the latest episode of "Digital genial" (only available in German). Stay tuned and subscribe to the podcast to never miss an episode!

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