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  • proALPHA to Consolidate AI Development Throughout Company Group un-der Leadership of Gunnar Schug

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proALPHA to Consolidate AI Development Throughout Company Group un-der Leadership of Gunnar Schug

Reading Time: 3 Minutes 26.03.2024 Currents & Trends

As a driving force for continuous innovation and growth, proALPHA AI will consolidate and harmonize all corporate data from various divisions and subsidiaries

Weilerbach, 26 March 2024 – The proALPHA company group, one of the leading providers of ERP+ software solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises, consolidates its AI development resources throughout the company group under the leadership of Gunnar Schug, CEO of the group company and data analytics specialist humanIT. In his new position as Head of proALPHA AI, Schug reports directly to Eric Verniaut, CEO of the proALPHA Group.


The goal of the new division is to integrate the technology in the form of specific business cases into every business unit of the group portfolio. More than 20 new AI use cases have been developed in addition to the existing AI applications over the past months. They can be readily implemented across the entire value-added chain of proALPHA customers, from material procurement to production, warehousing, and field service.

The development of specific AI applications for central business processes enables proALPHA customers to take their corporate management and innovation to a new level by establishing a fully integrated, data-driven decision-making culture. In this case, AI not only serves as a tool for analyzing company data, but also as a partner in strategic planning and implementation. By using machine learning and advanced algorithms, proALPHA supports customers not only in reacting to changes, but also in taking a proactive approach and seizing opportunities.

The advantages of proALPHA's new, consolidated AI development:

  • Intelligent AI data warehouse: All relevant data from the group companies, including Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Human Resources (HR), Finance, Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and others, are going to be successively consolidated through cross-functional AI development. This allows for the identification of correlations between various corporate data and thus offers optimization potential for business processes and decisions.
  • Cross-platform cloud availability: proALPHA AI has been sustainably designed for the cloud and will be available for the proALPHA ecosystem across platforms. This allows companies of different sizes and in-dustries to seamlessly integrate and use the solution.
  • Future growth potential: proALPHA AI offers great potential for future growth by becoming available for the en-tire group portfolio in the medium term. This includes an expansion of the functional width and depth by integrating new solutions, KPIs, metrics, and independent modules.
  • Customer-oriented co-innovationens: By engaging in institutionalized dialogs with customers and partners, we will be able to develop and implement tailor-made AI innovations. This helps increase customer satis-faction and enhance the competitiveness of proALPHA customers. 

„"With an intelligent perspective on the entire spectrum of corporate data, we create a compre-hensive understanding of all our customers' aspects,“ says Gunnar Schug, CEO humanIT and Head of proALPHA AI.

"We use advanced algorithms to identify patterns, trends, and correlations that go beyond tradi-tional analytics. This way, we enable our customers to make sound decisions in real time and to develop agile business strategies that advance their business"

Gunnar Schug, Head of proALPHA AI



He adds: „No one knows the business processes better than the companies and their specialist depart-ments. Therefore, it's essential for us to work closely with our customers to implement AI inno-vation exactly where it offers the most value."

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