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Energy Management Done Right: We Acquire ENIT

Reading Time: 4 Minutes 02.06.2022 Currents & Trends

We add a new and innovative monitoring and control system for companies' energy consumption to our ERP+ portfolio

We, one of the leading providers of ERP+ software solutions for mid-market manufacturing companies, have chosen to acquire ENIT, an expert for energy management and carbon tracking, to further expand its own ERP+ portfolio by integrating that of ENIT including their cloud services.

We can now support our customers in managing rising energy prices and sustainability regulations by federal and EU authorities. With the acquisition of ENIT, we follow through with our acquisition strategy and strengthen our position in environment and sustainability management, which is particularly critical to the business of customers from the manufacturing industry.

ENIT, based in Freiburg, is one of the leading providers for energy management and carbon tracking. They offer solutions to support companies, for example from the manufacturing industry, in making their intracompany energy flows transparent and in optimizing energy consumption. The company originated from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in 2014, from which it has obtained extensive knowledge in the field of renewable energies and energy management. Today, approximately 200 companies from mostly the mid-market use ENIT's services and products.


"proALPHA and ENIT already have common customers like WIPOTEC and SFB Group and we want to use this as a basis to constantly expand our customer base."

Marine Gurzadyan, Head of Corporate Development & Strategy

"ENIT's expertise and services will provide our customers with an optimized energy efficiency and enable them to properly respond to the ever-changing requirements posed by authorities on state, federal or EU level."

"Together with the proALPHA Group, we will significantly increase ENIT's impact on the reasonable use of energy sources in the industry," says Kai Klapdor, co-founder and co-CEO of ENIT. "Strong drivers push the issue of energy management closer to the top of the managing directors' priority lists. If you don't deal with your energy management system now, you'll run into problems rather sooner than later. We look forward to helping the next mid-market customers to fully exploit our EMS to gain a competitive edge in our key competencies kW, kWh and carbon equivalents."

ERP systems as data hub for company-wide energy management

The solutions by ENIT are included directly in proALPHA's portfolio, enabling consistent energy management for all matters of small and mid-sized companies.

"Professional sustainability management helps you to register, control and document the energy demand and carbon footprint across the company, be it in finance, sales, purchasing, production or service"

Gunnar Schug, Head of Advanced Analytics at proALPHA Group


"The ERP system forms the basis for this. It provides data that can be further processed by a fully integrated energy management solution like the one offered by ENIT, which allows for continuous carbon tracking, the development and implementation of reduction strategies as well as the monitoring of the carbon development in your company. This way, we address topics that affect our customers' future in terms of business development and competitiveness."

Energy management becomes a success factor

Industrial and commercial enterprises in Germany account for approximately 40% of the country's total energy consumption. Reducing the pollutants in the company leads to less pollution of the environment, ensures compliance with statutory regulations and immediately pays off as energy costs are decreased.

Companies can improve their energy efficiency with standards and certifications like ISO 50001, ISO 14001 or EMAS. By identifying and quantifying all relevant energy streams in your company, for example by means of ENIT, you can make your energy consumption much more transparent. This is paramount to making strategic and operational decisions regarding energy efficiency both in terms of purpose and costs.

"Energy and emissions have to become a key performance indicator in the business processes. They will continue to gain importance in the medium term as we have to speed up the decarbonization of the industry to secure a livable environment for the following generations," says Pascal Benoit, the other co-founder and co-CEO of ENIT. "And this is only economically reasonable if the demand in production and the availability of wind and solar energy are balanced. For this purpose, we have to combine energy data with ERP/MES data."

"Thanks to the cloud product platform ENIT hub, our users are able to define their environmental objectives and achieve them by taking the corresponding measures," says Schug. "For example, ENIT hub serves as a starting point for ENIT carbon and ENIT solar, a carbon emission calculator and a photovoltaics (PV) check. Together with NEMO, our cloud- and AI-based predictive analytics solution, you can identify unexpected peaks and patterns in the energy consumption or reveal and analyze suspicious correlations between the parts production and the respective energy consumption. Industrial and commercial companies can use this hub to achieve previously unimaginable savings."

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