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30 years of proALPHA - 5 questions to Gunnar Schug

Reading Time: 2 Minutes 04.05.2022 Currents & Trends

A success story: from software developer to managing director

1992: It has already been 30 years since the foundation of proALPHA – back then under the name of "W. Ernst Informatik GmbH". Quite an amount of time has passed since then and brought many changes upon the company. Still, quite a few employees have almost always been a member of the crew.

One of them is Gunnar Schug, CEO of the group company humanIT Software GmbH. He's been a member of the crew since 1999 and shares some insights into his time at proALPHA with us.

Gunnar Schug
Managing Director at humanIT Software GmbH

  1. Where did you come across proALPHA, how long have you been with proALPHA and why did you choose to work for proALPHA?
    I joined proALPHA on July 1, 1999, right after university. Back then, I bought the local news-paper "Rheinpfalz" on a Saturday and browsed through the job postings. There were five for a software developer, and I applied for all of them. proALPHA called me on the next day, I had the job interview on the day after that, and another day later I got the contract. This all happened within one week! At the same time, the other companies hadn't even con-firmed the receipt of my application.

  2. When you look back at the past years, what highlights spring to your mind?
    My personal highlight was the "new" UI in version 6.1. Even though we did not only get positive feedback, this was a big step for us and I had made a major contribution to this evolution.
    Currently, my absolute highlight is NEMO. My new "baby", so to speak. Artificial intelligence is exactly the right thing for me as I've studied mathematics and I'm very curious about such topics.

  3. What motivated you to stay with proALPHA for such a long time? Didn't you come across any other options that sparked your interest?
    It was definitely one of our founders, Martin Wolf, who kept me motivated. He always em-powered me and cleared the paths for me. I've always wanted to pass this on to my em-ployees, and I hope I'm successful with this, too.
  4. What does proALPHA mean to you and what makes it so special?
    I've always had enough room to develop. Of course, you have to seize the opportunities and not wait until they are served on a silver platter. This was always possible for me and made my time at proALPHA worthwhile.
  5. What do you think about proALPHA's future? Where will the journey go?
    The cloud transformation is very exciting, but also challenging. In my current position, I'm more of an observant. A little while ago, I was in the middle of the action. I wish the whole team the best of luck with all the hard decisions and hope that I can contribute to the suc-cess with our cloud-native solution NEMO.

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