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Get into Your Training Outfit and Tackle Talent Management

Reading Time: 4 Minutes 11.10.2022 Currents & Trends

How to successfully advance your employees

Seeing as the market is ever-changing and competition never sleeps, you should always stay on top of your employees' development. Skills that are important today might not be relevant anymore tomorrow. If you want to stay up-to-date, it's crucial to derive appropriate strategies and processes for your talent management from the market development.

Especially younger employees want to know where they stand and where their journey in your company is heading. Seize this opportunity by advancing the personal development of all employees and positioning yourself in the best way possible for your customers.

The following article shows the successful journey proALPHA has decided to take.

Develop managers – with a sound model

Clearly defined competence models for every department are the ideal basis for talent management. They define the necessary specialist and soft skills, the preferable behavioral anchors and their operationalization for each level. This way, you ensure full transparency to your company and your employees. All employees know what you expect from them and how they can reach the next level.

In practice, proALPHA has defined a development and promotion process that is consistent both on a national and international level:

  1. Development talks
    Every year in spring, the employees and their managers hold one-to-one sessions during which the individual development is analyzed and the past year is reviewed. If desired, the next career steps are discussed as well.
  2. Development conference
    The annual development conference, at which the managers briefly introduce their employees, is held at the end of April. The managers present the general development, the strengths and the learning fields of every employee. Other managers are encouraged to give feedback as well. Afterwards, the promotion candidates are designated.

  3. Start of the promotion process
    Feedback on the promotion candidates is obtained as part of a mentoring program. This not only includes feedback from internal persons and project managers but also from customers.
  4. Promotion conference
    Before the extensive internal training sessions, like soft skill and basic training, for the employees can start, the promotion conference is held in October. During the conference, the mentors introduce their mentees and refer back to the 360-degree feedback. Afterwards, the decisions about the pending promotions are made.

Talent management with an elaborate development and promotion process offers various advantages:

  • Decision-makers get a comprehensive first idea of the employees already in advance.
  • Strengths and learning fields are transparent.
  • Training can be tailored to the employees.

Why the development of managers is essential

Managers are an important lever for the employees' satisfaction and their loyalty to your company. However, the impact of missing management competence is still greatly underestimated, both on the department and the management level.
The younger generation, in particular, wishes for regular and constructive feedback, more praise and appreciation and a roadmap for their personal development. To foster individual strengths, managers should

  • involve their employees,
  • delegate responsibilities and
  • give them the space they need.

A good approach for manager development is to keep the manager competences current and include insights from science and the daily practice. This also, and particularly, applies to the "old hands". The necessary management style has changed quite a bit over the years, not least because digital management is gaining ever more importance.

Purposeful training at proALPHA – for current managers and young talents

Talent management has a high priority at proALPHA and not least among managers. Therefore, two programs have been established to purposefully advance employees with leadership aspirations:

  • Move – for young talents
  • Lead on – for current managers

The "Move" program aims at having participants concentrate on themselves and reflect on whether management responsibility is what they want or whether they'd rather stick to their expertise. This is done in a protected space and supported by personality tests, an individual action plan and basic leadership training.

The "Lead on" program offers practical training sessions in order for the participants to be able to apply their new knowledge later. It aims at developing a joint understanding of leadership and providing a space for networking. The managers complete 5 modules with various focus areas within one year and receive individual coaching to be able to develop solutions. One of the highlights are joint fireside evenings with the management team that deal with the understanding of leadership and the management culture at proALPHA.

The success of these programs shows that companies should definitely focus on the qualification of their specialists and managers. This is the only way to purposefully adapt your own development and customer processes to the market requirements and continue to meet your customers' needs. It's not only a benefit per se to invest in development programs, it also allows your employees to become the brand ambassadors of your company.

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