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NEMO Finds – The Right Decision with AI

Reading Time: 4 Minutes 20.06.2022 Currents & Trends

Control business processes in the cloud intelligently and in real time

We, one of the leading providers of ERP+ software solutions for mid-market manufacturing companies, advance our innovation platform with predictive skills from the cloud thanks to our AI-based advanced analytics solution NEMO. NEMO integrates the solutions of the proALPHA Group even deeper.

NEMO uses agile cloud technology to identify connections and irregularities in business processes and provides companies with a holistic view of the reality of their daily business. Thanks to modern AI, NEMO enables companies to intelligently control their own business processes and analyze them in real time. The solution independently identifies patterns and outliers in the data along the entire value-added chain, derives recommended courses of action, shows potentials for optimization and evaluates them monetarily.

Exploit potential far beyond business intelligence

The analysis of corporate data can be roughly divided into three stages. In the first step, it's all about data exploration and preparation: data are explored and prepared using standard tools to enable the assessment of their quality.

If you require certain reports and analyses regularly, you can prepare them in the second step by means of business intelligence tools and have them displayed in a graphic. You can then use this information to draw your own conclusions from the data and make decisions.

NEMO goes even one step further toward predictive analytics. It not only provides a holistic view of the company data, but is also able to explain these data and detect previously unknown connections. "Thanks to NEMO, we now have a completely different view of our data based on artificial intelligence, from which we derive recommended courses of action," says Wolfgang Fuhr, Head of IT & Organization at Gebr. Pfeiffer SE, about his first experiences with NEMO.
NEMO_ÜbersichtNEMO goes beyond the phases of data exploration and preparation and the use of common business intelligence tools, analyzing all data of the value-added chain with modern AI methods.

Perfectly optimized working capital management

"NEMO has a clear objective: we want to support our customers in controlling their company as intelligently and intuitively as possible," says Gunnar Schug, CEO of the group company humanIT Software GmbH. "NEMO helps to quickly and securely identify connections and irregularities that humans don't immediately detect." The starting point of all calculations in NEMO is the fixed capital. It serves as a benchmark for the efficiency of a company, as it is effective in every division of the company, for example in the case of excessively long delivery times of suppliers, excessively long idle times in materials management, failures in production, or the bad payment profile of a customer.

"This makes fixed capital the perfect starting point for identifying a company's biggest fields of action and a great driving force for optimizing its business processes," Schug adds.

"NEMO has a clear objective: we want to support our customers in controlling their company as intelligently and intuitively as possible"

Gunnar Schug, Head of Advanced Analytics at the proALPHA Group


From integration tool to innovation hub

NEMO was designed as a sole cloud product and is available for the proALPHA ERP+ ecosystem and third-party ERP solutions across platforms. The company's data are loaded into the cloud using an export program, enabling the customer to start working with the solution immediately – it's simply a matter of plug and play.

This way, NEMO not only adds to our cloud strategy but also advances the integration of all solutions of the company group. Similar to a data warehouse, the data of the group solutions are collected and processed in NEMO in the long term in order to show correlations. This makes the solution an intelligent integration tool in the cloud that also acts as an innovation hub which speeds up the provision of individual microservices via the cloud.

Great potential for future growth

The solution NEMO will be available to the entire proALPHA ERP+ portfolio in the medium term. On the one hand, this will increase NEMO's functional width, for example with the new proALPHA CRM or the quality management solution (CAQ) by Böhme & Weihs. On the other hand, NEMO will also achieve greater functional depth thanks to the continuous addition of new KPIs, metrics and independent modules.

Forecasts and simulations that facilitate the decision-making process are becoming more and more important. In this context, the potential for a cloud innovation platform like NEMO that gives mid-market companies an important competitive edge is also growing.

You can find further information about NEMO at www.nemo-ai.com (German only). Companies that are interested in the product also have the opportunity to thoroughly test it with their own company data. The NEMO starter pack enables you to create forecasts with specific recommendations for action based on your own ERP data in just a few steps.

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